Case Study

White Clarke Group

As companies expand, they begin to look around for new methods to assist in supporting their further growth and success as a business. For White Clarke Group, a FinTech company specialised in automotive and asset finance software, based in Milton Keynes, Microsoft Dynamics 365’s powerful cloud-based suite was an ideal choice. As a gold accredited Microsoft partner, City Dynamics were the ideal company to assist them in their migration to the cloud through our CloudPath process.

White Clarke Group


The Problem

As a FinTech company, for White Clarke Group having a reliable and efficient information database was key to powering their success, something that their current on-premise Dynamics CRM 2011 system was incapable of providing. As of 2016, Microsoft were no longer supporting Dynamics CRM 2011, leaving their CRM at risk of a lack of support should any issue arise with their on-premise databases. As Jeremy Fielden, Digital Marketing Specialist at White Clarke Group, explains “Our existing solution just wasn’t working for us anymore, it didn’t provide mobile support and hadn’t been updated in some time. We wanted to bring the CRM online so that we could connect our team together and allow for greater access possibilities”.


In Depth Analysis

As Jeremy explains, “City Dynamics came recommended by Microsoft and after speaking with you, it was clear that you knew what you were doing. After dealing with disorganised upgrade processes in the past, we knew that City Dynamics were the right choice for us.” After assessing the situation, our consultants found that the company were an ideal candidate for our CloudPath process for data migration from on-premise to the cloud. After agreeing on our submitted Functional Design Document (FDD) outlining what we aimed to do and how we intended to do it, we began the process of integrating their data into a bespoke cloud-based Dynamics 365 system.

Cloud Based

A Tailored Solution

The solution which we proposed was a cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 system, with internal sales and marketing functionality provided by ClickDimensions. This package effectively allowed for White Clarke Group to rest easy knowing their system was actively supported by Microsoft, as well as our own dedicated support team: “having all the marketing tools integrated and created within the CRM was a great feature and one of the main reasons why we opted for ClickDimensions as our marketing solution”. Microsoft promises a 99.5% up-time for Dynamics 365, putting at ease any fears of downtime. The cloud-based nature of the new system meant that the company could access their information remotely, as well as in the office – a feature with massive benefits for a business with multiple locations around the globe.

Tailored Marketing

The Benefits

Once we began the process of integrating a cloud solution for White Clarke Group, there was almost an immediate increase to the efficiency of their data access process. As Jeremy explains, “Users could now remotely access accounts, information and other vital areas, greatly improving their ability to expand and grow their databases. The ClickDimensions powered marketing and email service allowed for tailored marketing and email campaigns to be constructed within the Dynamics 365 suite itself, which was exactly what we wanted.”

Promising Aspirations

The Future

When asked how White Clarke Group envisioned utilising the solution provided by City Dynamics in the future, Jeremy spoke of some very promising aspirations, stating, “We’re hoping to incorporate events tools within our ClickDimensions solutions, as well as to use our new solution to ensure we remain GDPR compliant”. This was an excellent demonstration of one of City Dynamics’ core focuses of the solutions we provide, which is to deliver a solution to a client which can scale alongside them as they continue to grow and achieve their success.


If the way in which we assisted White Clarke Group in their migration from on-premise to the cloud resonates with you, why not see if City Dynamics is the right choice for your CRM or GP solutions? Email us at or call 020 7065 6861