Microsoft Dynamics GP

Dynamics GP is a robust accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software designed for mid-market businesses. Developed in the Dexterity programming language, it seamlessly integrates with Microsoft SQL Server for efficient data storage. This software is a vital component of the Microsoft Dynamics suite, a collection of intelligent business applications.

Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains)

What is Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Dynamics GP, formerly known as Great Plains, offers a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution built for small to medium-sized businesses.


This powerful software empowers you to manage key business aspects, including financials and operations, by seamlessly integrating people and systems. Whether you're contemplating the purchase of Dynamics GP or an existing customer seeking to enhance your solution with additional features, this page offers an overview of the product organised by functional areas.


Regardless of how you choose to licence, Dynamics GP provides flexible deployment options, allowing you to choose between on-premises, private cloud, public cloud, or a hybrid combination to best suit your needs.

Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains)
Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains)

Buying Dynamics GP

You have the choice of purchasing Dynamics GP licenses up front (perpetually), or paying a monthly fee (subscription)

Both licensing options include rapid start tools, built-in functionality to get up and running quickly. Both licensing models are designed to simplify the purchase process. Various user types are available to provide different types of access at lower price points giving businesses more flexibility.

Dynamics Perpetual Licensing
With Microsoft Dynamics Perpetual Licensing, you license the ERP Solution functionality up front, and access to that functionality is secured by licensing users. A yearly maintenance renewal is available. Perpetual Licensing is designed to help your businesses get started with an affordable one-time starting price.

Dynamics Subscription Licensing
With Subscription licensing, you pay as you go with a term-based rights to use Dynamics GP. It is designed to provide a lower initial licensing cost and flexibility to increase or decrease license counts from one subscription term to the next. This helps businesses get started with a low initial cost.

The core features of Microsoft Dynamics GP

Dynamics GP stands out as an excellent financial accounting solution, offering robust analytics and security features. It streamlines banking processes and simplifies budget management, asset tracking, and cash flow management. This tool enables effortless tracking of financial records and data, eliminating the need for additional time and effort.

Implementing Dynamics GP in your business operations enhances your sales, service and purchasing processes significantly. This tool automates sales procedures, enabling you to deliver superior customer service. Moreover, it aids in efficient invoice management, while also minimising shipping and labour costs throughout the entire process.

Dynamics GP's Business Intelligence (BI) system provides a user-friendly interface where you can access pre-built data reports directly from your dashboard. This feature empowers you to make immediate, informed, and intelligent decisions that are highly efficient for your organisation. By having instant access to comprehensive and well-organised data, you can analyse trends, identify opportunities, and pinpoint potential issues swiftly. This capability not only streamlines decision-making processes but also enhances the overall efficiency of your organisation, ensuring that you stay ahead in today's fast-paced business environment.

A solution to suit your business size and needs

Microsoft Dynamics 365 will help you to integrate different parts of your business, improving information flow and efficiency and boosting productivity and growth. It will empower you financially, too, improving fiscal visibility and ensuring reporting is quick and easy. Our tried and tested model for implementation is fast and painless. We’ll work with you to make the transition as seamless as possible. Our solutions will help you take the leap from on premise to the cloud and make sure you’re supported every step of the way.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains)

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