Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing

City Dynamics are Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing experts.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing

Expert advice for Dynamics 365 Licensing

Are looking to deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365 and want to check licensing costs?

Do you currently use Dynamics 365 and are looking to reduce your licensing costs?

The City Dynamics team have an in-depth understanding of Dynamics 365 Licensing. We will work with you to ensure you are using the right Licensing programmes for your business requirements.

Gain a better understanding of Dynamics 365 Licensing

Our licensing experts will clearly explain how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing works for the various applications across the Dynamics 365 suite and which licenses your organisation requires.

Think you’re paying too much for Dynamics 365 Licensing?

City Dynamics can run a Dynamics 365 Licensing assessment for your business. We will check if you are overpaying and advise you on how to switch plans. We will make sure you’re only paying for the licensing your Dynamics 365 users need, which could help you to significantly reduce costs.

Assigned Dynamics 365 Licenses

These include:

  1. User licenses that grant access for a named user, regardless of the device used. For products that offer licenses for both enterprise and professional levels of functionality (such as Sales and Customer Service), user licenses may be referred to as Enterprise licenses or Professional licenses. 
  2. Device licenses, which grant access via certain devices, using either assigned or shared logins.

Unassigned Dynamics 365 Licenses

These licenses provide:

  1. Access to a feature or service at the tenant level, regardless of the user or device involved. 
  2. Options include full application access, cross application access, and additional capacity for components, such as storage, which may be subject to capacity limits.  

Dynamics 365 Licensing made simple

With Dynamics 365 you have a variety of licensing options to suit your business needs. The Dynamics 365 Licensing experts at City Dynamics will help you choose the right licensing programme, regardless of whether you need a single Dynamics 365 application or many. 

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