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Award Winners

Transformation Project of the Year 2023

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We understand your challenges

City Dynamics understands businesses and how they operate. We appreciate the complex combination of processes, technology, company culture and people that make up a successful business. We work with these variables to deliver projects that will make your business a success.

Disparate systems

With different processes running on many different systems, it is difficult or impossible to understand the business in real-time. Can your systems scale your operations in a unified way across the business?

Reporting and data issues

Does it take too long to produce reports? When you do eventually receive them, are your reports missing the key information you need?

Manual processes

Even with integrations, separate applications create disruption and reduce agility, so processes always need to be monitored/maintained. Is your team frustrated and demotivated because things don’t work?

Compliance issues

Does the fear of failing complex regulatory compliance requirements, which can lead to costly fines and brand damage, keep you awake at night?

Security issues

Do you trust your on-premise IT to be correctly configured and secure against the latest cyber threats?

Infrastructure issues

Are you running on-premise software and are forced to pay for costly upgrades with seemingly little software benefit other than to stay current?

We’ve had the privilege of working with amazing businesses over the past 20 years where we have seen how the Dynamics platform has helped them attain their ambitions.

I need to...

Replace our
aging Finance systems
Better manage our leads and opportunities

Get more out of our Dynamics 365 platform

Speak to someone about support
Improve billable utilisation & project margins
Discuss marketing / HR / CRM processes
Remove expensive CAPEX spend
Create a single source of truth

Scale your business with City Dynamics

There is always a flutter of excitement when we start a new project knowing that we’re about to transform a business to help it achieve its growth targets.  We can address your requirements with Dynamics 365.

We are business people with accounting, business and Microsoft Dynamics technology expertise combined with a proven delivery capability to make your project a success.

City Dynamics is firmly focused on delivering Microsoft Dynamics solutions in the cloud. We will support you at every stage of your cloud journey.


Dynamics 365 is a fully connected unified cloud system that is cost-efficient and scalable.

High-quality data

Data is centralised to improve quality, providing access to everyone and ensuring timely reporting.


From MTD to FCA regulated reporting to listed companies, we understand compliance in your sector.


Automating processes allows you to do more with the same team, so you don’t need to recruit more people as you grow and scale.


Dynamics 365 comes with the powerful built-in reliability and security capability of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform.


Never pay for expensive server upgrades. With ever-increasing functionality, Dynamics 365 stays ever green with Microsoft managed upgrades and service packs.