Business Central Additional Features

Let's explore some additional features we love.

Additional Features

Additional features we love

Built-in Fixed Asset Module

We aim to remove all spreadsheet fixed asset schedules by using Business Central’s out of the box functionality to maintain:

• Fixed asset costs
• Automated depreciation
• Accounting policies
• Definable Fixed asset categories
• A multitude of fixed asset reports

Web Approvals and Limitless Automated Workflows

• Non finance users can be given access to a web approval portal to approve ANY document or transaction.
• Flexible workflows allow documents to be approved by any field, for example, Vendor, Dimension, general ledger (GL), value.
• No expensive maintenance of approval flows required and if you need to add or change approval flows, you will have the ability to do so.

Contextual Help

• Quick links to help that is specific to the page you are viewing inside the system, often with worked examples and videos.
• New users can follow programmes and training to get them up to speed quickly.

Automated Updates

• Major system updates are applied bi-annually. These updates are tested by Microsoft and further tested by City Dynamics on a copy of your live environment before being applied over night at a time to suit your business.
• Minor updates are applied overnight from time to time, normally monthly.
• No down time for upgrades.
• No expense and you know you are always on the latest version.

Flexible Licensing

A user license will allow access for a user to unlimited companies and will allow multiple tabs to remain open.

Drag & Drop Attachment

To any transaction and ledger, open or posted.

An APP Store of 1000+ Additional Extensions

• This ensures development is minimised, technical debt is removed and the product is kept out of the box where possible. It also means there are endless opportunities to sculpt the environment in a way that suits you.
• We look to configure and deploy first. Only as a last resort and where absolutely necessary will we recommend specific development.