Case Study

Me Learning

With each of our clients, we aim to deliver a solution that is comprehensive and flexible enough to scale as their business does. Providing a solution that can grow alongside our clients means we don’t just resolve existing challenges, we prevent issues further down the line. When we first met e-learning course provider Me Learning, a CRM that couldn’t keep up with their success was starting to become a source of frustration.

Me Learning


The Problem

Me Learning’s problem sprung from an overall lack of flexibility within their existing solution. Due to their vast variety of focus areas for their educational courses – from business and education to health and social care – different departments had different requirements of a CRM system. Their current solution simply lacked the ability to effectively support Me Learning’s range of needs.


In Depth Analysis

Microsoft recommended City Dynamics as the right partner for Me Learning’s needs to aid them in resolving these CRM challenges. For Me Learning’s CEO, Nick Richards, City Dynamics’ “wealth of experience dealing with different sized organisations across different sectors” made them the perfect fit, stating “we were confident they’d be a great partner to assist us with our Dynamics 365 implementation”. After assessing Me Learning’s requirements, our consultants set about arranging a Functional Design Document (FDD) laying out all the features and functionality we believed would best power their solution.


A Tailored Solution

Having assessed all of Me Learning’s solution requirements, we got to work on delivering exactly what they required. “We needed a solution that had some customisation to achieve this, which City Dynamics were extremely helpful with”, says Richards. The end goal of the project was a CRM system that allowed Me Learning to cover all phases of the sales process, helping the organisation monitor and report on sales prospects, invoiced business and other sales metrics. The project was completed and delivered well within the two-working day timeframe quoted in the FDD.

Invaluable Software

The Benefits

Right away, Me Learning discovered their new solution had multiple major advantages: “the main benefit of adopting Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the centralised, highly accessible nature of the product. Our users can log on to any machine with Internet access with a browser, or through the mobile app, whether they be in Sales, Marketing, Account Management or the Senior Management Team”. In summary, Nick found Dynamics to be invaluable, stating that the software has empowered Me Learning users “to access a wealth of centralised data on prospects and customers with ease.”

Improved Productivity

The Result

Me Learning was delighted with the benefits of their new solution and its positive effects on productivity within the business. Offering high praise for City Dynamics’ work and assistance, Richards stated that he would recommend City Dynamics to other companies looking to implement a robust, new Dynamics 365 solution: “their advice was helpful and well communicated, and they had an understanding of the business impact of any work that needed to be undertaken”.

Continued Support

The Future

City Dynamics continue to work closely with Me Learning providing on-hand support whenever required. Nick envisages the collaboration strengthening as the business progresses: “as we continue to grow our Sales & Marketing functions, we can see the solution needing further integrations with our other systems, to improve cross-team visibility and enable us to better serve our customer base”. All in all, a great result for both.


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