Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Non Profits

City Dynamics can deliver Dynamics 365 for Non Profits to help you engage donors and volunteers, and better manage your organisation’s operations. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Non Profits

Benefit of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Non Profits

Direct donations

Simplify the way supporters can donate to your charity.

Empower volunteers

Provide everything they need via a central location.

Run events

All your events can be managed via one platform.

Better finances

Automate and modernise your financial operations.

Gain donors and volunteers for life

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is an intuitive and flexible customer data platform that is helping Non Profits to unlock insights and power personalised customer experiences.

With Customer Insights, you can unify all your constituent data across the full range of sources to give you a single view, including donors and volunteers, with granular detail and AI driven insights such as who is most likely to donate.   

Improving finance and operations with Dynamics 365 for Non Profits

Dynamics 365 brings powerful capabilities that will enable your organisations to automate and modernise your financial operations. 

With applications such as Dynamics 365 Finance and Business Central (ERP) you can:

Monitor financial performance in real-time

Make data-driven decisions to generate more donations

Predict future outcomes and be better prepared

Unify processes and centralise business critical data

Transform the way you do business

City Dynamics specialises in delivering Dynamics 365 solutions and Microsoft Power Apps, which Non Profits can use to build their own no-code or low-code customer applications. These Apps are especially useful for charities and Non Profits looking to automate routine processes.

For instance, you could use Microsoft Power Virtual Agent to embed bots within Microsoft Teams to answer commonly occurring questions or you could embed Power BI reports within a Teams workplace.

Why choose City Dynamics as your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Partner?

City Dynamics specialises in delivering Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM systems. When you partner with us, you’ll gain access to a dedicated team of professionally trained consultants who are Microsoft Dynamics 365 certified. 

Our consultants are firmly focused on delivering solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and ERP applications. This high level of specialisation, and our understanding of how businesses operate, means we can tailor solutions to meet your organisation’s unique business requirements.

With our vast experience and expertise, City Dynamics is ideally placed to partner with your organisation and deliver a Dynamics 365 system that will enable your business to transform and thrive for the long term. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a great solution for non-profit organisations by providing the ability to manage donations, volunteers, and grants. With its fundraising management capabilities, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help non-profits track donations, pledges and campaigns, enabling management of donor relationships. It can also help non-profits manage volunteers, including scheduling, training and tracking their hours. Additionally, Microsoft Dynamics 365’s grant management capabilities can help non-profits manage the entire grant lifecycle, from application to award and compliance, making it a powerful tool for non-profits to manage their operations effectively.
Due to it’s scalability and customisation options, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a flexible software solution that can adapt to the changing needs of non-profit organisations. With its financial management capabilities, Microsoft Dynamics can help non-profits track their expenses, revenue, and generate reports for financial transparency and compliance. It can also provide real-time insights into fundraising performance, enabling non-profits to make data-driven decisions and effectively manage their events, grants and budgets.

When implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for non-profits with City Dynamics you’ll gain access to a dedicated team of consultants who will support you throughout the process. As certified Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultants, you will receive guidance when implementing and customising Microsoft Dynamics 365 products, and after completion we highly recommend subscribing to our support services to get the best out of your CRM moving forward.

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