Case Study: Boutique financial adviser

Digitising manual systems and optimising data usage

Helping a boutique financial adviser to become data-driven. City Dynamics digitally transforms a finance house with a tailored solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power BI.

Boutique financial adviser

Our client

Our client provides independent corporate finance advice and specialises in a range of fields from private company sales and acquisitions through to Government corporate finance advice.


The client initially contacted City Dynamics because they needed an electronic solution to house their client contacts and capture potential opportunities and deals.


Replacing their paper-based system, which included manual data entry into Outlook, would also enable the client to share notes and data relating to client meetings and weekly partner meetings. In addition, they required marketing lists to segment their contacts and an effective reporting solution to drive decision making across the business .


  • City Dynamics set about digitising all their data so it could be managed quickly and efficiently. This digitisation exercise enabled the client to upload and handle thousands of contact records, many of which were previously held on paper.
  • Reporting dashboards were set up using Power BI and native CRM dashboards to support the client’s weekly Monday Partner Meetings. 
  • To eliminate any errors caused by manual data entry, a specialised Outlook/CRM process was installed within the system.
  • The City Dynamics team also delivered a comprehensive training programme to educate staff and make them self-sufficient in terms of handling the company’s data. 


  • All data from across the business is consolidated onto one cloud platform providing a single view of all contact information for the partners
  • Accurate real-time reporting using Power BI is now available to everyone in the organisation
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) can be used to better manage the business
  • Staff have a better understanding of the power of data and what it means for their company.

Unrivalled expertise

For this project, the City Dynamics team drew on our broad range of expertise including:

  • In-depth understanding of how a boutique finance house can use Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions to increase operational speed and agility
  • Experience of applying reporting solutions to support meetings
  • Training our client’s partners to optimise their use of the data available to them.
Our client can visually review the status of their deals on their weekly meetings and agree actions for the coming week, which ultimately is helping them to win more deals.

The future

City Dynamics is currently working alongside the client to improve their marketing systems with a range of intelligent automated solutions.