Life at City Dynamics

Considering a career with us? In this blog, we reveal what it’s like to work here and why our team love the City Dynamics culture.

Life at City Dynamics

Choose the right career path

City Dynamics isn’t a huge organisation with lots of red tape and rigid career paths. We’re a small close-knit team, which means new recruits can quickly gain exposure to multiple areas of the business.

If you choose to work here, to begin with you can:

  • Explore the different areas of our cloud-based solution company
  • Meet different clients
  • Work with the different Microsoft Dynamics technologies

Then you can choose to focus on the area of the business you enjoy most.

Once you’ve settled into a role, there are plenty of options to progress your career into different areas. You may start out working as a technology consultant, and then progress to a project manager, solution architect or consultancy sales role. At City Dynamics, it makes sense for individuals to have expertise across multiple disciplines.

“You can go in any direction you choose. If you try something new outside your regular role and you enjoy it, City Dynamics will support you every step of the way in terms of education, encouragement and resources.”
Life at City Dynamics
Technology Consultant

We’re a close-knit sociable team

As a smallish team working out of one location, we all get to know each other pretty-well at work. Plus, we tend to spend a fair deal of time socialising together too. Following our monthly team meeting, we organise social events like:

  • Go-karting
  • Bongo Bingo
  • Sixes (indoor cricket)
  • Bowling
  • Clay pigeon shooting
There are also plenty of ad hoc socials, which can be anything from a quick game of pool and a few beers in the office after work to a meal in nearby Shoreditch for someone’s birthday.
Life at City Dynamics
Life at City Dynamics
As well as being enjoyable for its own sake, socialising as a team is a great way to improve interpersonal relationships and trust within the workplace. Being such a sociable team means we work better together.
“We’re a sociable bunch in a central location, close to Shoreditch, with plenty of great places to eat and drink nearby.”
Life at City Dynamics
Business Central Consultant

It’s not all about technical expertise

Because we’re such a tight-knit group, we want to recruit people who naturally fit into the existing team, rather than simply choosing applicants with the best technical skillsets. Ideally, of course, we’re looking for folk who tick both boxes, but technical expertise isn’t the be-all and end-all. After all, we have a culture of learning and development, which means new starters can build their expertise and gain qualifications while they’re working for us.

You’ll never be a small cog in a large wheel

Everyone who works at City Dynamics has their fair share of responsibility, and you’ll be left to manage your own time, schedule your own work and ultimately, meet your own deadlines. But you’ll never be hidden away in the shadows carrying out repetitive tasks, day-in day-out, without receiving recognition for the work you’re doing.

From the moment you join City Dynamics, you’ll be part of the team. It’s a very transparent and collaborative working environment. The Directors can see what you’re working on and there’s plenty of recognition for exemplary work.

Life at City Dynamics
From a recruitment point of view, we’re not looking for people who expect to coast along in a formulaic nine-to-five job. We’re looking for passionate people who will thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced and rewarding environment. Life at City Dynamics can be challenging but it’s never boring.
“People are genuinely excited about the projects they’re working on. And we’re always thinking about how we can make our client’s systems more efficient."
Life at City Dynamics
Head of ERP

Everyone has a positive mindset

We’re all positive people with a can-do attitude and the City Dynamics culture is geared towards reinforcing and further encouraging this positive behaviour.

For instance, every Monday morning, we have a meeting to discuss what went well the week before. Everyone sees this as a great way to kick the week off and it really boosts the team’s morale when people receive recognition for the good work they’ve done.

Working in a vibrant WeWork office

We offer a hybrid working policy with plenty of flexibility. When we’re in the office, we love our open-plan WeWork workspace, which provides an ideal setting for teamwork and collaboration.

Our WeWork office managers run weekly mental health awareness sessions, incorporating meditation and yoga. Plus, they organise a range of social activities from ‘happy hour’ after work in the office, to soapmaking and planting your own houseplant. The WeWork team also run informative sessions to encourage a healthy work/life balance.

You’ll be based in a great location. Our offices are close to Shoreditch, which is ideal for bars and restaurants, with excellent transport links for getting home.

Life at City Dynamics

All the training you need

There’s a strong emphasis on training and development for everyone who works at City Dynamics and it’s a process of constant learning.

“There was a lot of education available as soon as I started, and that support is ongoing. You won’t just get a week’s training and be left to fend for yourself, which is really reassuring.”
Life at City Dynamics
Finance Assistant
Life at City Dynamics

A supportive team you can rely on

Sharing skills and collaborating is a key part of the City Dynamics approach to all projects. No-one ever hesitates to contact their colleagues with queries or advice. Everyone instantly knows who to call, and you can ask anyone anything at any time.

We’re extremely proud of the supportive team we have at City Dynamics, and our recruitment efforts are focused on bringing in the right people who will serve to strengthen the whole team. We’re not afraid to say no to people with amazing technical skillsets if we don’t think they’ll suit our close-knit company culture.

“We work through a lot of things collaboratively. Everyone is extremely open and approachable.”
Life at City Dynamics
Business Central Consultant

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