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What overnight ERP Implementations and cheap Shiraz have in common


Most offers that seem too good to be true usually are. Like the spam emails claiming that you’re owed a tasty tax rebate, or the two quid bottle of Shiraz down the offie. And it’s no different when it comes to the ERP implementation process.

Re-sellers who claim that they can fast track you to success are – to put it mildly – playing fast and loose with the truth. ERP implementation is a complex process, requiring patience, expertise and trust. There simply is no quick fix which will enable your staff to do their jobs better and you to deliver revenue gains and growth.

Alright, so why exactly can’t ERP solutions be implemented overnight?

  • No matter how much you invest, ERP software will fail if it isn’t optimised to your use cases. Anyone proposing a slapdash job simply isn’t going to do this – they’re going to take your money and run.
  • It takes a while for everyone in an organisation to familiarise themselves with the functionalities they actually need to deliver better results on a daily basis. If a re-seller ups and leaves before your staff have got used to the solution, it will be chucked onto the scrapheap.
  • Once your team has a working knowledge of the solution, you don’t just want to stop dead in your tracks. Cloud-based solutions are frequently updated and modified, meaning that without an implementation partner, you could easily miss out on functionalities which could have a real impact on your organisation.

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How can you make sure your implementation process is a success?

  • The software you buy is obviously crucial. You need a scalable solution which will meet your demands now and well into the future – you really don’t want to be instigating cultural change on a regular basis. It also needs to be flexible and have powerful functionalities which fit your business needs.
  • The implementation partner you choose is just as important. You could invest hundreds of thousands into a state-of-the-art solution which lays dormant for years. An implementation partner who knows their stuff will ensure that bumps in the road are ironed out; that the solution is optimised and re-optimised to align with your aims and objectives as they evolve and that you know how to leverage the features and functionalities which make a real difference.
  • Beyond having an expert implementation partner and software more streamlined than Mark Spitz, you’re going to need a healthy spoonful of patience. Implementations for SMBs in particular, which may not have surplus budget and resources to throw at the process, will take longer. However, clearly defined goals and regular contact with your implementation partner will keep you on track, reduce stress and – most importantly – guarantee that you don’t have to do this again any time soon.

Who can actually give me this dream combination?

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