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The way you’re using Excel is silently killing your productivity


A simple Google search fetches some alarming results about the implications of Excel dependency. ‘Excel Reporting: 5 Reasons Why It Is Bad For Business’ one Forbes headline reads. ‘Microsoft’s Excel Might Be The Most Dangerous Software On The Planet’ reads another. While the latter headline may be an example of an individual living a weirdly protected existence, both make legitimate points. On-premise Excel dependence can reduce productivity, foster data silos and compromise collaboration.

But the problem is not with Excel – it’s with how you’re using it. And only an integrated, cloud-based solution can help you to realise the benefits of Excel without hampering productivity.

Liberating Excel

Within Excel, data can be analysed, patterns can be identified and data can be centralised for the benefit of a whole organisation. Unfortunately, a major problem for key decision makers (KDMs) is that they are unable to properly leverage their organisation’s vast data stores, with key information lost in nooks and crannies.

Using Excel in silos, then, is like putting Harry Kane in defence. You’re just not going to get the most out of it. And the problem with legacy ERPs is that their very nature means that your employees will have to navigate through numerous systems to find the Excel document they’re looking for. That’s if they find it at all. Eventually, they will cast it aside and go rogue, working from their own personal spreadsheets which contain only their data.

Smart integrations

Thankfully, the way to rectify this is clear – you need a solution which empowers your staff to work smarter. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 – a cloud-enabled ERP with a whole suite of integrations, including Excel – you can genuinely keep your data stores centralised.

By leveraging Dynamics 365’s smart functionalities, your workforce can seamlessly export data to and from Excel to your solution. This means that shared spreadsheets are always kept up to date and umpteen different ones are not doing the rounds. As a result, gaining real-time, actionable insights from the data is easy.

Optimise productivity

Modern ERP solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 represent a step change in the way organisations operate, optimising efficiency and enhancing collaboration. This is because every document produced, or insight gained by a member of your workforce is leverageable by all of their colleagues.

With KDMs increasingly charged with the responsibility of getting more results out of existing budgets, the solution is clear. Not only can cloud adoption improve productivity levels by as much as 400%, it can also turn your Excel dependence from a hindrance into an asset.

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