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AI vs Silos: 9 ways Microsoft Flow could increase your productivity


At City Dynamics, clients often tell us what they need is a comprehensive software solution, with automated processes that work across their business. Microsoft Flow has been designed to offer this integration, but sometimes old habits die hard and siloed working continues, even with new features that are available across the Microsoft platform.

With Microsoft Flow, a cloud-based service available to all Dynamics 365 customers, time-consuming business tasks can be automated across different applications and services.  Flow shows Microsoft has been listening to its customers and has responded with an intuitive tool that offers sped-up integration across a range of Microsoft applications (and many non-Microsoft ones too, from social media platforms to productivity apps).

Flow uses customisable connectors to act as a bridge between different applications, automating time-consuming processes across your business, and checking for updates every five minutes. This gives Dynamics 365 users unprecedented automation potential.

Here are 9 reasons why you should consider using Flow:

  1. Intuitive implementation: It’s an intuitive tool that doesn’t need someone with developer knowledge to implement it. City Dynamics will work with you to enable your Flows so that you can start automating your business processes. Flows are easy to maintain, and easy to change too as your business evolves.
  2. User-friendly templates: It’s ultra-user-friendly, so your team can start using it straight away. Within Dynamics 365, a whole host of templates are readily available to get you started. The chances are there’s something similar to what you want, even if you can’t find the exact thing and Flows are easy to customise.
  3. Push notification management: Flow has a mobile app, so you can access and manage your Flows, anywhere and at any time. The app sends a push notification to your mobile when something needs your urgent attention, whether it’s a critical email from your manager, a shared file being updated or an invoice that requires your approval before going out to a customer.
  4. Automated file saving: Flow can save client email attachments automatically in a SharePoint folder so you never lose track of a file again.
  5. Less time chasing figures: Flow can connect Wunderlist to SharePoint, ensuring data relating to the status of projects, budgets and stock is consistently accurate across your business. No more time wasted chasing figures from other departments.
  6. Aligned calendars: Flow can connect calendars from different providers. For instance, if you create an event in Google Calendar, it will also appear in your Outlook.
  7. CRM integration: Flow helps you schedule automatic emails, purchase orders, onboarding instructions or invoices in response to an action in your CRM (closing a deal, changing the terms of an agreement or purchasing actions). Flow also means new clients can move from your CRM to your finance system seamlessly.
  8. Easy social media management: Social media monitoring is easier than ever with the ability to set up industry or company-specific keyword alerts, download relevant posts into a database and run Power BI analytics automatically, all through Flow.
  9. Customised apps: Customisation and integration with MS PowerApps means it’s simple to create Flows to suit you if the automated options don’t offer the exact functionality you need. City Dynamics can work with you to achieve this. This flexibility means new Flows are being added all the time so, as the use of Flow grows, its library of connectors is constantly expanding.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution, that enables your company to employ automated services through applications such as Flow; why not get in touch and arrange a one to one demonstration of how Dynamics 365 could be the ideal solution to power your company’s growth and success. Get in touch by email at moreinfo@citydynamics.com or by phone at 020 7065 6868.

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