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How Microsoft PowerApps and Flow are reshaping the modern workplace


Microsoft PowerApps and Flow have been focal points at the company’s recent Inspire and Ignite conferences, with the company believing that both solutions can help achieve its broader goal of digitally transforming its products, services and solutions through Artificial Intelligence. Combined, they form a cornerstone of the Microsoft Intelligent Edge – envisioned as a true IoT (Internet of Things).

  • Microsoft PowerApps: PowerApps connects cloud services and data sources already in use, giving users the ability to quickly build apps that suit their specific needs.
  • Microsoft Flow: a SaaS offering designed to automate workflows across numerous applications and SaaS services.
  • Microsoft Intelligent Edge: an ever-expanding set of connected systems and devices which provides real-time insights and experiences for its users through both contextually aware and hyper-responsive and apps.

Empowering Dynamics users to shape the future

The Microsoft PowerApps store offers apps and solution integrations which can be downloaded for free by anyone with a PowerApps license. Microsoft hopes that the solution will help to create an interactive user community, where Dynamics 365 users build apps which suit user demand and can be seamlessly integrated into their existing infrastructures.

As a result, the company hopes that ill-fitting, off-the-shelf solutions will become a thing of the past, with users handed the responsibility to drive and develop Microsoft’s products.

Embracing automation with Flow

By automating repetitive and time-consuming business processes, efficiency is increased and margins of error are reduced. A major obstacle for many organisations trying to embrace automation, however, is the absence of a user-friendly and customisable platform which supports AI-driven processes.

As an easy-to-integrate and user-friendly platform, Microsoft Flow addresses this issue, enabling users to create workflows that are capable of automatically fulfilling many key business processes accurately and reliably. This will go some way to eliminating data silos and the need for supplementary email chains, spreadsheets and manual processes.

Meeting modern demands

Microsoft hopes that collectively, PowerApps and Flow will help people working in sales, marketing, operations and finance to better cope with the demand of doing more with less resources in a simple and cost-effective way – something that was previously considered a fantasy.

If your company is looking to reshape its operations with Microsoft PowerApps and Flow, please contact us via email at moreinfo@citydynamics.com or by phone at 020 7065 6868 and we can discuss your upgrade options further.

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