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Dynamics 365 for Talent: Onboarding


Hiring the correct employees for your business is just the first part of the process of HR. Employers are interested in seeing a return on their investment as soon as possible, and a smooth onboarding process is key to this. Starting a new job is enough to make anybody anxious and it’s important to help all employees get off to the best possible start.

The solution to this? The second of Microsoft’s modular Dynamics for Talent apps, Onboarding. Once a candidate has agreed to and signed the contract of employment, the next stage of their lifecycle within your business is onboarding. Using Onboarding to help structure this process gives your HR team the power to create personalised welcome guides for new starters. This ensures each new employee feels supported and welcomed as they embark on their latest challenge. As many as 4% of employees will leave a business if their first-day onboarding experience goes badly, so it is becoming more crucial than ever.

Onboarding begins with the conclusion of the Attract process, which we covered in part 2 of our Dynamics blog series for Dynamics 365 for talent; moving candidates who have accepted offers into the onboarding process.

A key part of Onboarding is the Welcome Guide. This offers a one-stop shop for both HR users and new employees for all things onboarding, replacing laborious paper-based processes. Using templates, the onboarding process can be sped up, freeing your team up to spend their time making new starters feel welcome and valued.

A welcome guide offers a highly configurable template to be customised for your new employee, complete with activities, key contacts and helpful documents. The functionality that exists allows tasks to be assigned to team members to ensure each area of onboarding is completed on schedule by the relevant person in your team. Below shows an example welcome guide.

This process offers one centralised area that provides structure for every new employee, as well as showing your team which tasks exist and when these need to be completed.

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