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Dynamics 365 Voice of the Customer: Creating Surveys


The survey lifecycle begins with planning. What is the purpose of your survey, and what questions do you want to ask? With the Voice of the Customer (VoC) package, there are several different question types to choose from, each customisable to your specific need.

When you have planned the survey out, you can start to create one inside your Dynamics 365. Surveys are treated the same as all other records within Dynamics 365, so if you are familiar with Dynamics 365, you will instantly be familiar with the process. Navigate to the survey entity, and hit ‘+New’ in the ribbon.

The first screen you will see is the setup page, allowing you to configure the general setup of your survey. By navigating to the designer form, you will see everything necessary to start building your survey.

The designer form is easy to understand and use. The navigation pane is on the left-hand side, allowing you to quickly create or remove additional pages. In the middle is your page layout, and on the right-hand side lies the list of question types.

The Voice of the Customer package includes several question types, including short & long answers, prompting the participant to write some text, a star rating, and pick lists, prompting the participant to choose one or many options from a list. Each of these different questions have individual customisations, including the choice to make responses mandatory.

In addition to these simple question types, Voice of the Customer also supports the popular Net Promoter Score surveys, along with the Customer Effort Score and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) surveys. Want to create a simple survey to obtain your business’s NPS score? This can be done with very little effort.

Figure 1: A simple NPS survey, created in less than ten minutes

With Voice of the Customer, you can also customise the design of your survey. Changing colours in the survey is made easy with the theme designer. If you want more out of your survey, custom CSS theming is also supported, where you can easily change components such as the font of the text, and the logo size.

Simple surveys can be created with ease in Voice of the Customer, and if you would like more powerful surveys, these are catered for as well. Conditional statements are a common request in survey designing and are built into Voice of the Customer. For instance, a customer rating your business poorly can be asked follow-up questions to give more information, whereas a customer rating your business highly can skip those questions.

Our next instalment in the Voice of the Customer product series will provide some further insight into surveys, whilst exploring how to send a survey to your clients.

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