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Dynamics 365 for Talent: How does it work?


What is Dynamics 365 for Talent?

An area of significant investment for Microsoft recently has been in human capital management. Following Microsoft’s multibillion-dollar acquisition of professional networking platform LinkedIn, we now have the release of HR-focused software Dynamics 365 for Talent.

When Microsoft originally released Dynamics 365, the goal was to create one platform that integrates all business needs, disrupting silos and allowing for stronger internal collaboration – Talent does exactly this.

Dynamics 365 For Talent is essentially a cloud-based SaaS platform that integrates with LinkedIn to meet all recruitment, onboarding, offboarding and HR requirements. Talent enables businesses to manage the full employee lifecycle, tracking everything from staff performance to recruitment processes.

With the look and feel of Office 365, embedded Power BI integration, and the common data model of Dynamics 365, Talent is certain to prove a valuable tool to HR pros and business leaders alike.

Talent splits into 3 main areas: Core HR, and two modular apps, Attract and Onboard.

Attract: Integrates with LinkedIn to enable businesses to select, engage and recruit the best people from a single platform.

Onboard: Helps businesses personalise the way new staff are welcomed, driving more active engagement, closer collaboration and faster time-to-impact.

Core HR: Makes managing HR responsibilities and providing great employee experiences an effortless task, from attraction and engagement through to development and retention.

Configuring Talent

As a web application, Dynamics 365 for Talent can be used with up-to-date browsers including Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge: double-check with your Dynamics partner if you’re having any technical difficulties.

In contrast to the customer engagement applications of Dynamics 365, Talent is set up via configuration, not customisation. So, what’s the difference? With customisation, complex coding is needed, which may be time-consuming. With configuration, existing options are selected to fit business requirements. This might sound easy but there is a vast range of features available, which calls for advanced product knowledge. This is something your Dynamics partner can talk you through to ensure you get the right custom-built interface for your business.

The first step in configuration is to create your legal entity for the company. This area of the Dynamics 365 for Talent tool is where the general set-up is completed which defines defaults for the rest of the application, so it’s important to get this part right. Multiple legal entities are supported for international and subsidiary businesses – perfect for larger organisations with multiple subsidiary companies or global offices.

There are two types of administration tools to configure within Dynamics for Talent – organisation and system administration.

Organisation Administration

If you’re looking to comprehensively map out the organisational structure of your business, this is the module to concentrate on. Get a clear overview of positions, departments and teams or zoom in on details such as hierarchy and areas of responsibilities. Transparency around points of contact and job roles is a top benefit here, quickly resolving any communication gaps in the business.

System Administration

One of the biggest predicaments of modern businesses is data silos – concerns with productivity, data security and confidentiality immediately spring to mind. Talent puts everything in one place so you can manage security, electronic reporting, documents, emails and even user workflows simply and effectively.

Final Thoughts

Dynamics 365 for Talent is a great piece of software that can perform multiple functions across the recruitment, onboarding and engagement processes. The benefits for businesses go beyond the technology itself, de-siloing data and fostering better internal transparency and communication.

At City Dynamics, we partner with leading organisations across the financial and professional services sector to provide customised Dynamics solutions that boost productivity and revolutionise workflows.

Be sure to keep an eye our for our other Dynamics Series of blogs, where we will continue to provide great insight into the functonality of Dynamics 365 for Talent, alongside the other Dynamics 365 applications on a regular basis.

If you need expert advice on whether Dynamics 365 for Talent is the right software for your business, speak to one of our specialist consultants now.

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