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3 Key Areas for Dynamics 365 for Talent October Update


Dynamics 365 for Talent is a standout Microsoft solution, largely because of its ability to streamline the processes of talent attraction and onboarding, as well as the core HR processes within an organisation.

Indeed, recruitment in the Financial and Professional Services sector has become even more competitive in recent years, with many companies looking for solutions that will help their organisation to attract individuals who will power the business’s future growth.

Intelligent recruitment

Talent’s October 2018 update provides general availability for its Attract, On Board and Core HR modules to all of its users. By leveraging these features, Talent users will be able engage in truly intelligent recruitment while remaining compliant with existing and future guidelines or regulations.

Personalising journeys

Appreciating individuality is an important consideration for modern businesses. In recognition of this, Talent’s update will allow recruiters and HR teams to set and manage objectives and goals for each of their new hires in real time. Welcome packs, introductory documents and other key onboarding material can also be automatically assigned to any new starters, beginning their integration before they walk through the front door.

Retaining talent

Digital transformation has had an understated but significant impact on HR. Now, by embracing AI and other digital transformation tools, HR departments can provide prospective, new and existing employees with an individual, efficient and enjoyable working experience. Talent also provides HR teams with a powerful platform for implementing automated workflows and other functionalities to complement their HR processes, ensuring the best new talent is not only attracted, but is motivated to continue working for your company.

If your company wants to make the most of the new features offered by Dynamics 365 for Talent, please contact us via email at moreinfo@citydynamics.com or by phone at 020 7065 6868 and we can discuss your upgrade options further.

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