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7 Ways to guarantee you get the right implementation partner


With so many finance software resellers on the market, it can be hard to tell which one is best for your business. You could select the perfect ERP for your organisation, but if your implementation partner is clueless, an already disruptive process could become long and protracted. This will significantly disrupt your business’s day-to-day operations in the present and long into the future.

What’s more, you’re unlikely to reap the fullest rewards of your new solution if its functionalities are not communicated properly and if the implementation is not tailored to your specific needs. So, here are seven ways to guarantee you get the right implementation partner:

One size doesn’t fit all

Any reseller worth their salt will recognise that a solution needs to be tailored to a business’s individual requirements. SMBs are unlikely to be able to dedicate a whole team to the process, for example, meaning that a longer implementation timeline will be required.

They are experts 

Resellers with an accountancy background will have lived the challenges you face on the ground every day and are thus more likely to deliver a precise result than strangers to the field.

They are manufacturer-endorsed

Whatever solution your implementation partner provides, they need strong endorsement from the manufacturer. Respected Microsoft Dynamics 365 resellers, for example, are considered “Gold Partners” – in other words, they are held to international brand standards.

They are experienced

Working with organisations of all shapes and sizes streamlines a reseller’s implementation technique. Before deciding on anyone, check their website for client testimonials to get an idea of who they normally cater to and the calibre of the organisations they work with.

They are flexible

Ditching your legacy system for a modern, cloud-based solution will inevitably spring up some unforeseen issues. The implementation partner you choose must understand this and be agile when circumstances change.

They provide training and support

The functionalities of cloud-based solutions are being updated constantly; what you learned last year may well already be out of date. Therefore, an implementation partner must be exactly that – a partner. Providing after-care is absolutely imperative to ensure that any significant issues are overcome promptly.

They know your organisation inside out because you do

Without knowledge of how your staff use your current ERP and what they need from a new one, even the best implementation partner will be taking stabs in the dark. A transparent and co-operative relationship with your partner will bear fruit – and that bit of advice needn’t only be applied to software implementation.

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