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Employee Wellness


employee wellness at City DynamicsEmployee wellness is important to us at City Dynamics. It’s one of the reasons why we chose to locate the business in beautiful offices right in the heart of the City of London – well, we do work there when we aren’t in lockdown! From the on-site barista for that oh-so important freshly made real coffee when we need a pick-up, or just want to take 10 minutes away from our screens, through to the beer-tap and table football for an end of the day letting off of steam.

We are based in a WeWork office, so there is always a yoga class, lunchtime meditation session or similar that the team can join.

But that’s not enough in our view of things. So, in 2020 we asked all our team to help devise their own wellness programme. We have seen some companies enforce their own ideals on their teams, and it didn’t seem right to us. Surely wellness begins at home (as they say) and that’s why we decided to let the team develop a programme that is right for them.

At the moment the City Dynamics employee wellness programme is designed very much around doing things together. That’s probably a reflection of the fact that we are all working from home at the moment and for the foreseeable future. Once the office opens up again, we expect things to change, and that’s how it should be. Our employee wellness programme is all about doing the right thing now, and we can change when individuals or the team as a whole decide the time is right.

So what activities make up this programme in the spring of 2021?

The programme seems to have found a natural split between indulgence and fitness, with a bit of fun thrown in too – every Friday afternoon we end the week with a team quiz or various games – a great way to let off steam before we close our work screens for the weekend.

This year, two members of the team asked if they could start a movie club. The idea is that each week two films are chosen and then we all need to watch them before Friday lunchtime. The company sends out Uber Eats vouchers so that everyone can enjoy a virtual lunch as they get together to discuss the merits of the two movies. It’s safe to say the Amita was not a fan of last week’s choice of Seven – don’t look in the box!

The other indulgent activity is the Food Club – the team are currently trying to create the most carbon neutral recipes possible, and we don’t mean just growing your own salad leaves in the garden.

On the fitness side of things, March has been declared Steps Club Month (no, not Steps as in the late 90’s dance-pop group) – each week everyone records their total steps for the week. Let’s just say that some team members are beginning to show their competitive side.

The big challenge for the year is the London to Brighton bike ride – the team all want to take part in this.

As work and home life starts to return to some sort of normality, we look forward to seeing how these wellness activities transition in to new ideas. The team are always open to suggestions, so please get in touch with your creative thoughts.

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