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How automation supports migrating to the cloud


Cloud adoption is becoming an inevitability for SMBs. A McAfee report, for example, found that “those surveyed [expected] 80% of their IT budget to be cloud-based within an average of 15 months.” However, there are still significant reservations about migration – particularly about how it can be undertaken with minimal fuss.

With cloud-based solutions such as Dynamics 365, this is entirely possible, thanks to in-built automation functionality. This supports the transition process, ensuring that your business continues producing results in the short term while guaranteeing its long-term future.

Increasing productivity

Arduous, repetitive tasks are not famous for imbuing workforces with a zest for work and life. Of course, they have to be done, but the time spent on them means that fewer hours can be dedicated to higher value tasks. Despite this, many key decision makers (KDMs) within organisations are hesitant to ditch their on-premise solution for the cloud, for fear of losing control over tasks for which they are ultimately held accountable.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution suite’s intelligently automated workflows are not only able to handle many of these tasks, but also complete them to a significantly higher standard. They achieve this by leveraging AI, which reduces the risk of human error and frees up staff to contribute in areas that AI can’t, adding real value to your business. For any sceptical KDM, this should be more than enough to convert them from cloud heretics into cloud evangelists.

Maintaining performance

When taking the leap from an on-premise to a cloud-based solution, KDMs are often concerned about performance falling by the wayside. Because of Dynamics 365’s AI functionality, however, users can take advantage of powerful and accurate real-time reports, which are customisable to individual business requirements.

Thanks to these, process efficiency and effectiveness will be actively prioritised – ultimately, at every stage of your cloud-adoption, the benefits will be clear and constantly reinforced.

Supporting your migration

A support network is your safety blanket when you decide to move to the cloud. A reliable knowledge base for support-related articles and walkthroughs, the Microsoft Partner Source provides exactly this. Much of the advice within the Microsoft Partner Source sees the involvement of automation, mainly to reduce the risk of human error in business processes, which accounts for 92% of data related issues.

City Dynamics can also help, ensuring that whichever Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution you choose, it is tailored exactly to your needs and implemented with the least possible hassle.

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