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3 Ways Business Central Homepages improve Performance


We’ve all been on some shocking homepages in our time. The ones with sleek branding and animation but with the content quality of a Kardashian autobiography. The ones with a colour scheme that makes the copy look like hieroglyphics. And who could forget the ones with 48 labyrinthine tabs, which basically render anything of use irretrievable.

“Why can’t they just design something that looks nice and gives me the information I want, when I want it?”, I hear you ask. Well, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you needn’t look any further. Tailored to specific roles, the solution’s homepages allow users to optimise their performance by managing everything more effectively, from customer relationships to finance reports. Here’s how:

Access functionalities which empower you

 The terms “next-gen” and “revolutionary” are bandied about pretty liberally in the modern business arena. More often than not, they’re attributed to things you can’t actually use or access, which – in the grand scheme of things – kind of negates their significance. However, Business Central’s homepages truly have the power to transform your day-to-day operations and positively impact your performance.

For example, by collecting the tools people from different roles need to be efficient and effective, Business Central empowers its users to optimise their performance and deliver better results.

For example, a business manager would see information which allows them to keep things running smoothly. These include sales and purchase documents, payments that need attention, balances, account details and the ability to view finance reports.

Act on real-time information

In the absence of a streamlined, cloud-based solution, your workers are operating with one hand tied behind their backs, irrespective of their role or seniority. With information slipping through the cracks on a daily basis, customers can become neglected and issues can quickly escalate. By the time someone has even realised there’s a problem, relationships can be damaged and money can be lost.

All of this is easily avoidable within Business Central. Your sales team, for example, can deal with ongoing opportunities proactively by sending sales quotes to customers while keeping an eye on sales in the pipeline, all while managing wider campaigns.

A project manager, by contrast, would view a homepage which provides an overview of current projects and works in progress, allowing them to monitor costs, set up jobs, purchase supplies and, ultimately, stay on budget. With real-time business analytics, your data empowers you to act, exactly when you need to.

Juggle different responsibilities effectively

Roles and responsibilities are becoming increasingly fluid in the workplace. Large swathes of your organisation might have a working knowledge of how their peers in different departments operate. In some cases, they may even work across several. This reality is accounted for within Business Central as all features and financials can be accessed by searching for a page name, while users can also access different role centres whenever they need to.

Beyond that, light customisations can be made to your page, including the ability to change the period of a chart’s information or switch to another one entirely.

Less is more

And there you go. By properly leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central homepages, everyone in your organisation is empowered to deliver more, driving profit and growth. Watch the full tutorial on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 YouTube channel.

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