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No, throwing money at your ERP solution isn’t the answer


When you’ve figured out that your current ERP is dying, it can be tempting to throw big money at a new one. But splurging alone won’t deliver the goods – just ask Guy Ritchie about the ROI he got on King Arthur.

Your software can have every bell and whistle on that you could ever dream of. However, without a strategic approach to properly implementing and leveraging them, they will be as useless as David Beckham’s cameo in Ritchie’s disasterpiece.

So, here’s how you can ensure that your shiny, new solution is a hit:

Scour the market for the right solution

The reality is, not many Finance Directors at SMBs have the luxury of being bankrolled by an oligarch with a penchant for opulence and indulgence. With every decision you make under scrutiny, the most obvious path to go down is the one containing the tried and trusted industry names. Because they’re the experts, right?

Not necessarily. New players in the ERP space are offering comparable, if not improved functionalities – all for a much more competitive price.

Get your staff on side

Whatever you spend, your solution is nothing without your staff on board. This means that any efforts at digital transformation need to be built from the ground up. They will be sold as soon as you convince them that the upheaval is going to benefit them and make their lives easier.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite in particular contains a treasure trove of features which benefit everyone in the organisation. These include improved productivity, visibility, reporting and collaboration, all enabled by the cloud.

Find the right implementation partner

With your staff invested in your decision to instigate change, you need to work out how exactly you’re going to go about it. You need a supporting actor – a Samwise to your Frodo. A good implementation partner will understand what you’re about; how you’re going to use the solution; your core wants and needs. They also need to be with you no matter what happens on your implementation journey, well beyond day one.

This means regular training sessions for your staff to keep them up to date with software and functionality updates as well as being on hand when any unforeseen issues occur. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, City Dynamics provide exactly this – working with you to optimise your solution for your organisation.

Supportive infrastructure

Like any successful blockbuster, your ERP needs several different ingredients to be a hit. Whether you are or aren’t lucky enough to secure that big budget backing, you need a strategic approach to spending the funds at your disposal. Make sure you shop around for a powerful and cost-effective solution and see how other organisations like yours have fared with it.

Ultimately, with your staff singing off your hymn sheet and a trusted partner backing you up, you’ll stand the test of time. Think less King Arthur and more Dark Knight.

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