City Dynamics is going Greenr

We are delighted to announce that City Dynamics has partnered with Greenr to quantify and reduce our carbon footprint. We are adopting Greenr’s Sustainability as a Service platform to track, reduce, analyse and offset our business and workforce’s carbon emissions.

City Dynamics is going Greenr

There are 5.5 million small and medium enterprises in the UK that are contributing almost 50% of the UK’s Business Carbon Footprint.

Greenr is tackling the climate crisis head on – providing emissions data for individuals and businesses, then helping them to become more sustainable by reducing their emissions at source.

Our Greenr journey:

The Greenr team use the Greenr calculator to measure our emissions.

Our workforce is engaged to reduce emissions at source.

City Dynamics is Greenr Neutral with 100% of emissions offset.

City Dynamics is going Greenr

Becoming Greenr Neutral

To make our business and workforce carbon neutral, we have calculated our office, homeworkers and employees’ personal emissions. City Dynamics has decided to offset 100% of those emissions, which has earned us the Greenr Neutral Award.

City Dynamics is going Greenr

Supporting key sustainability projects

In addition, City Dynamics has purchased 107.4 tonnes of UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) and Verified Carbon Standard Offsets.

We have chosen to support two major projects:

City Dynamics is going Greenr

CIKEL Amazon Rainforest Protection

This project is in the Brazilian state of Para where around 63% of the Amazon rainforest has already been lost. Using sustainable forest management practices that have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), this carbon offset project will ensure 27,400 hectares less rainforest is deforested compared to conventional and traditional deforestation practices.

City Dynamics is going Greenr

LaGeo Berlin Geothermal Power

Located in El Salvador, this 44 MW geothermal power unit uses a condensation unit to produce electricity. The primary objective of the project is to supply El Salvador’s rising demand for energy, by increasing renewable energy’s share. LaGeo has also established a wildlife protection park, promoting local development through the environmental education and recreation of the communities. 

City Dynamics is going Greenr
“I’ve always been passionate about sustainability and ethical living, especially in the workplace. In the past few years, we’ve introduced initiatives, such as meat-free Mondays, which have worked well. Now I’m delighted that City Dynamics is joining forces with Greenr to significantly reduce our emissions and effectively tackle climate change. Everyone in our team is onboard in terms of reducing both business and personal emissions across the whole company.”
City Dynamics is going Greenr
Amita Sanghrajka
Director at City Dynamics

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