Case Study: Litigation funder

Creating a single version of the truth

Supporting business growth for a leading litigation funder. City Dynamics delivers a solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 to effectively capture high quality data from clients and prospects.

Litigation Funder

Our client

Our client is the largest privately-owned, dedicated litigation and arbitration funder in the world. Since forming in 2007, they have become trusted advisors and providers of capital to law firms, corporates and claimants, supporting them in progressing high-value commercial disputes all over the world. The company has funded 126 cases, with a total combined claim value of US$19billion, in both common and civil law jurisdictions, and in several arbitral forums.


When they initially contacted City Dynamics, the client was running a legacy system that was no longer fit purpose and not widely used across the business, plus they had no support because their CRM partner had gone out of business. As a result, they had lost track of their CRM licensing options and any changes required.


They needed a new CRM system that would enable and support their business growth strategy. They also needed a data refresh to remove dead data and increase overall data accuracy, but a lot of their data was trapped in Outlook and meeting notes.


  • City Dynamics began with a proof of concept to formulate the right data capture solution and screen layouts.
  • Once the proof of concept was finalised with the client, we added automation.
  • Then we introduced a mobile data capture solution for post meeting notes and Taxi for Outlook, to produce reports which are automatically circulated to the partners.
  • Next, data was extracted, which we cleaned before exporting it into the Dynamics 365 CRM system.
  • Finally, we implemented the ClickDimensions marketing platform and a mobile app.

The Dynamics 365 solution was delivered within a tight timeframe and within budget.


  • Our client now has one consolidated platform for both marketing and contact management.
  • They have a powerful system in place with the ability to extend CRM to other functions across the business.
  • Everyone can instantly share valuable information following meetings with clients and prospects.
  • Staff can always access the CRM data, regardless of when and where they are working.


The City Dynamics solution enabled the client to off-shore processes to Costa Rica and move the client partnership to the USA. This meant the partnership could work closely with the CFO, reducing fixed costs and enabling the business to expand globally.   

Unrivalled expertise

For this project, the City Dynamics team drew on our broad range of expertise including:


  • In-depth industry knowledge of what investment firms need to capture in a CRM system from client and contact meetings and notes. 
  • An understanding of the stringent security techniques for creating natural information barriers within the organisation.
  • Knowledge of the marketing requirements for the promotion and sale of sophisticated financial products. 
The Dynamics 365 solution delivered by City Dynamics provides a single source of the truth for the client.

The future

City Dynamics is currently working on a longer term plan to move the client’s investor relations platform into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system, which will require strict security control between the different areas of the business.