Microsoft’s PowerApps & Flow aim to remove barriers to capturing useful data through light-weight apps which generally serve a single purpose. You want to be able to use these apps regardless of what platform you are using be it Web, Tablet or Mobile so you never miss a chance to carry out an important business activity. A good PowerApp shouldn’t require a guide to use it; it should just be intuitive and naturally flow from start to finish to get a job done quickly!

Picture yourself attending a big convention for your industry area where there are likely to be many potential clients to do business with in the future. You want to focus on engaging with the clients, being mobile and effortlessly capture any leads you pick up in your interactions. We felt the need for a way to do just this and through PowerApps we designed it, previewed it and launched it! Let me introduce you to the Lead Generator app where you can generate a new lead as well as search and amend existing leads. The app could be even more light-weight and solely capture new leads but that’s the flexibility you have with PowerApps, you choose what you want it to do with it.

You’ve had an interesting engagement with someone and they expressed interest in a new Dynamics 365 for Sales implementation. You can jump straight into the process through a click of a button, the icon can be displayed on your home screen on your Mobile or Tablet device. The PowerApps can be accessed on mobile devices through the PowerApps mobile app which is available on Android and iOS platforms.

You are welcomed by a simple screen with two large buttons. You want to capture a new lead and get straight onto the form. You fill out a few bits of information and hit the ü icon and you’re done! You’ve created a new lead in your Dynamics 365 system which can be picked by anyone in your business to progress forward and yes it was that simple.

In our case we found it useful to search existing leads too so we added that feature. We wanted to get into a NEW lead recently created and quickly tweak or add bits of information. You can search by name or the topic that was captured and jump right in to see details of the lead. We even customised the top bar to reflect the colour of the rating the lead is at! Then it’s just a case of hitting the edit icon at the top right, make the changes and hit the ‘tick’ icon to submit the changes.

PowerApps and Flow allow you to take this further a trigger automatic emails to be sent after the lead has been captured in the system. Why not follow-up with an email to the Lead contact the day afterward as a courtesy for meeting them and maybe letting them know more about what you do? Flow from Microsoft allows you to quickly create this automation so that’s one less thing you need to worry about.

If you would like to find out more about how PowerApps and Flow can benefit areas of your business please get in touch with us.

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