With as many as 75% of consumers expecting a consistent experience wherever they engage – whether that be on social networks, in-person, online or by phone –  modern businesses are having to cover more ground on the customer services front than ever before. As part of their overarching vision to provide a comprehensive range of solutions capable of powering the success of its users, Microsoft has developed Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, which leverages the power of AI to help users respond to contemporary demands.

Customisable reporting

Ensuring that all the departments within your company are hitting their targets is key to driving growth. But whatever the size of the business, it can be difficult to keep track of everyone’s progress.

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service simplifies this process by providing accurate business insights in real-time through its new KPI summary function. This tool enables users to produce highly customisable reporting dashboards and gain greater insights into their business’ performance.

Reports are also easily exportable and actionable, allowing businesses to address key areas of concern before they impact customer service experience.

Optimising customer service responses

Over a quarter of respondents to the 2018 UK Customer Satisfaction Index stated that above all, they wanted organisations to make it easier to contact the right person to help them. The ability to appropriately receive, understand and address a customer service request can thus make a very real difference to a company’s success.

The introduction of AI-driven intelligent functionality within Customer Service means that the customer service response process can be made far more effective and efficient. For example, workflows can be created within Dynamics 365 for Customer Service which optimise the customer experience,  automatically notifying and assigning the correct consultants to address customer service requests.

Machine learning

AI’s ability to learn and adapt to new trends and information is particularly useful from a customer service point of view because it can apply lessons from past cases, responses and activities to improve future performance.

By utilising the KPI summary and automated workflow functionalities available in Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, businesses can begin to construct a truly organic customer service experience. This is shaped through efficient, effective and responsive solutions to their inquiries, which are constantly refined through user and customer case engagement.

Harnessing the power of AI-Bots

AI’s influence on customer service is already visible and it is only likely to increase. For example, a Juniper Research report recently found that chatbots will be responsible for corporate costs savings in excess of $8 Billion annually by 2020.

Microsoft is keen to take advantage of this, aiming to use bots to respond appropriately to a customer engagement. This could involve providing consumers with resources such as blog posts and webinars, or in more complex situations, escalating the query for a human consultant to deal with.

If your company wants to leverage the power of AI to optimise its customer service performance, please contact us via email at moreinfo@citydynamics.com or by phone at 020 7065 6868 and we can discuss your upgrade options further.

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