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3 Reasons to move to the Cloud you haven’t already heard


You could be forgiven for thinking that cloud migration has been made compulsory by royal decree. Its benefits have been emphasised so much by so many that – like a show you haven’t seen that everyone insists is the greatest thing since Breaking Bad – you are now absolutely sure it’s terrible and that the marketing hype surrounding it will eventually subside.

Well, unfortunately, it’s bad news for you sceptics – the cloud just isn’t going away. But instead of boring you with the well-trodden narratives about why you should migrate, here are three reasons you might not have already considered:

Flexible payments

As a key decision maker (KDM), managing tight budgets can be made more difficult by huge, lump sum payments. However, the SaaS (Software as a Service) licensing model allows cloud adopters to pay for their solutions monthly, making the payments more manageable as well as providing the flexibility to upgrade where necessary.

In a world where the demand for control over one’s destiny is a paramount consideration, cloud-based software can help you to get on the bandwagon in a truly positive and progressive way.

Retain performance levels during migration

A major blocker to cloud migration is the perception that performance levels will drop during the implementation process. However, an experienced reseller, will ensure that you retain your usual output in the transitionary period. With AI-enabled, cloud-based solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365, real-time reports will help you to keep track of all of your key business requirements.

This means that the long-term gains of cloud migration do not come at the cost of a short-term downturn, giving you a more compelling case to instigate change.

Enhanced onboarding

 The driving factor behind hiring staff is usually to meet your demands in the here and now. However, solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent can help you be much more strategic about the process. Leveraging the cloud, HR departments can set individualised goals for newly onboarded staff – these could be qualifications they need to gain before reaching promotion, which will help you to keep talented staff members within your organisation and cater for future demand.

Thanks to cloud migration, KDMs can monitor progress, advise on uncompleted tasks at regular intervals to ensure employees remain on track and generally maximise their impact and the value they bring to your organisation.

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