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The value of work experience at City Dynamics


For two weeks, we were joined by Nimai Thakrar at our London-based offices for two weeks work experience. This was an exciting opportunity not only for Nimai, who would be able to gain an invaluable and direct firsthand experience of the world of work within the financial/professional services industry; but also for ourselves at City Dynamics. Taking Nimai on as part of our team meant that we could gain vital insight into his perspective on the way that we work and his perceptions of the industry that we work within. Before the end of his two weeks with us, Nimai produced this blog to share some of the things that he learned during his time here.

Why did I apply?

For about 2 years now I’ve considered applying for a career in finance, however, I wasn’t completely sure about what in finance would suit me best and whether finance itself would be right for me. Therefore, I decided that I wanted to experience as much finance-based work as I could get my hands on, which is where I ran into City Dynamics.

What I did

Over the two weeks of work experience I did, I was given very similar work to what a new recruit would typically be given. This included a presentation on “The World of Consulting”, a blog on the impacts of AI on the financial industry, and a trial Microsoft Dynamics 365 database scenario so I could get a grip of what the system was like. I, at first, thought this would be a very daunting few weeks after hearing what I had to do, but with quite a little work and some support provided from the City Dynamics team, the tasks were all done to a very high standard.

What the experience taught me

The experience I got was without a doubt priceless. As City Dynamics treated me as if I was a new employee, my perspective of the work was drastically different from previous other work experiences. This led to me getting a much better insight into the finance industry and in particular the professional services industry, which is what City Dynamics thrives in.

As well as this, just talking with experienced employees helped me get a vast insight into what the life a member of staff at a city-based job requires. I learnt so much over the course of the two weeks from different people doing various types of work typical to a professional service industry, where most of the information obtained will almost certainly be utilised in some way or another in the near future.

But mainly what I did, and in my opinion what I would say was most interesting of all, was learning about Microsoft Dynamics 365. I was given the opportunity to trial their servers and learn about the system City Dynamics uses, develops and sells. In particular, I enjoyed working on the “Sales” section of Dynamics 365, where I was given free reign to look into and understand how all the transactions between the company and clients were done.


I would definitely recommend City Dynamics to anyone interested in the professional services or FinTech industry or even if you’re just unsure about where you would like to work in the future. It is a very supportive, friendly and interesting work with an outstanding work environment where almost everything I learned was to the highest stand and this would definitely not be possible without the aid of City Dynamics and its staff. They made it possible for this to be an actual “real-world” experience and one to never forget.

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