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Making a Human Connection in the Age of Technology


At City Dynamics, our business is built on human connection. Sure, we can provide enterprise-level solutions to small businesses that will contribute to their future success and growth but the key to our business is in forging meaningful relationships with our clients, beginning back in 2003 when we worked with the Ministry of Sound to implement their new financial system.

The human nature of our service clearly resonated well with our clients, as well as helping us stand out from the competition. The impression that our service provides to our clients can best be demonstrated in the following comment on how we work from Paul Rutter, Section Manager for Finance for our client TWI: “Rather than pushing features onto you, they’re actually listening to what you require and I think that’s where they add the value because they can concentrate on what will improve your business rather than just giving you the package and the processes.”

There is no doubt that technology has changed the way we interact with each other. In some ways, communication has become faster. We live in a world where the latest news is broken and available to us on social media platforms in a matter of minutes.

Over the past few years we have also seen technology becoming more human with devices like Alexa or Google Home emulating human behaviour to provide us with information and make our lives easier –  this will only become more prevalent as we see further developments in AI.

We live in an exciting time where advances in technology bring more efficiency to both our work and personal lives – so, in this tech-fuelled environment, how do we maintain our human relationships?

As Technology Philosopher Tom Chatfield said in an address at the launch of the Humanities and Digital Age Program at the University of Oxford:

“If there’s one thing our species brings home, it’s that people care above all about other people: what they think, do, believe, fear, hate, love, laugh at – and what we can make together.”

In an exciting age where we are more connected than ever, how do we ensure we make the most of the conversations we have?

How do we make that connection with someone we have had little or no contact with before?

How do we discover where we can help them? Or even if we are the right people to help?

Are you someone that wants to make the connection between people and technology? If you are, we would love to hear from you: give us a call or visit our careers page to view our latest opportunities

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