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Is your solution scalable? The number one question for growing businesses


Scalability: it’s the lynchpin for any businesses wanting to grow. When your company takes on more clients, its ability to deliver consistent service is tested. Growth and sustained delivery rely on a scalable solution, which can cope with larger and more complex client requirements as your business transitions from serving a far smaller and simpler caseload. Managing this process is crucial to achieving successful growth. Building scalability into a solution is a fine art, and it’s something we always factor into the solutions we tailor at City Dynamics. Here are three pointers that will help ensure your solution is flexible and resilient enough to go the distance:

Migrate from on-premise to the cloud

The cloud really is the way of the future. With predictions suggesting that cloud-based industry will be worth a massive $160 Billion worldwide by 2020, a migration to the cloud has many benefits. The most obvious is a huge increase in scalability; companies currently functioning via an on-premise solution often face issues such as data-silos which have serious impacts on a company’s potential for scalability. By utilising a cloud-based database, information can be freely and remotely accessed. The cloud’s flexible nature also means that there’s really no limit to the amount of information that can be stored within it, as its storage capacity can be increased when needed. At City Dynamics, we offer our own on-premise to cloud migration solution, CloudPath. Click the link to find out whether our solution is the right one for your company to begin its migration to the cloud.

Refine your business processes

In any business, it’s easy to become complacent with the processes your company uses to conduct business. But when you’re trying to scale-up, you need to readdress and refine inefficiencies. When it comes to addressing the need for a change to your business practices, it’s not always an easy process. Microsoft recently published their Creating a Culture report, for which 3000 of the world’s biggest companies voiced their concerns and reasonings for a lack of digital transformation within their business. The biggest reason attributed to this (over 30% of total companies surveyed) was due to “slow decision-making processes” within the company.

By introducing refined work-flow processes, companies can mitigate the issue of slow decision-making within their processes. The introduction of a Project Management Officer (PMO) within your company will give an impartial overview of your business procedures, showing you where over-complication and inefficiency may mean your solution lacks scalability. A PMO should help create a framework that helps you build a ‘future-proof’, scalable solution for your clients. However, if hiring a PMO isn’t realistic for you, it’s always a good idea to ask those responsible for delivering your company’s solution what the main issue points are in their process. Their first-hand experience when dealing with your customers is invaluable when considering the best way to improve the delivery of your service in order to increase its scalability.

Embrace necessary automation

Whilst automation is certainly a controversial topic, with 49% of the companies surveyed by Microsoft stating that their employees “expressed a fear of their company embracing automation.” Highlighting the advantages of automation to your team can help reassure them. You should explain that many of these benefits are directly related to scalability, as automating processes allow them to become increasingly efficient, leaving team members available to provide the crucial support and consultancy roles that become more demanding as a company grows in size.

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