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How Microsoft’s New Updates Plan affects Dynamics 365 Users


One of the best things about Dynamics 365 has always been its integral connection with the Microsoft Cloud. Users can receive the latest updates, upgrades and new features directly from the cloud, removing the need for any costly downtime. Microsoft has just released a new updates plan for how Dynamics 365 updates are delivered, that which will make this process even more effective. This innovative approach to updates will reduce time and costs to the business, maximising frequency and efficiency.

Introducing a fixed update schedule

Prior to this update, Microsoft released solution updates twice a year, with the updates and their new features usually becoming available for end-users anytime within Spring and Autumn of each year. Now, Microsoft is introducing a fixed schedule, with the two annual updates set to occur in April and October each year.

Having fixed months for update deliveries allows Dynamics 365 users to prepare for each new release more effectively. As well as these two annual updates, Microsoft is committed to maintaining a constant output of new features, minor updates and hotfixes throughout the year. These will aim to address any requests from users or issues they are experiencing as and when they emerge.

Access to upcoming updates and features

Microsoft has announced that the new update system will give their software partners access to these latest updates and features before they’re publicly announced or released, beginning with the scheduled April 2019 Dynamics 365 update.

The ability to access, utilise and explore these latest updates in a sandbox environment before public release will be a huge advantage. Consultants and solution architects will be able to gain a more deep-seated understanding of how new features and functionalities work, as well as how they can be used to deliver an excellent service to a client, resulting in a better service.

Every user operating on one modern solution

This latest update will allow companies operating any Dynamics 365 solution to easily and seamlessly upgrade to the latest version of their solution directly through their connection to the cloud.

Microsoft has also recognised that there are many organisations and individuals still operating on an older version of Dynamics 365. The aim with this new process is to make it easier and more cost-effective for these organisations to upgrade to the latest versions of Dynamics 365, whilst still receiving the support they need on their older versions of their solution for as long as they continue to operate them.

How can City Dynamics help you get the most out of this update?

As a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner, City Dynamics have the access, expertise and insight into Dynamics 365 to ensure your organisation is fully prepared, trained and informed of all the updates available for your solution. City Dynamics will also be on-hand to assist and support a client as it updates to an updated version of their Dynamics 365 solution, as well as ensure any plugins or applications are properly carried over to the new solution version.

If you’re looking to upgrade your solution, or want to migrate to a solution that offers regular, free and powerful updates directly through the cloud; get in touch by email at moreinfo@citydynamics.com or by phone at 020 7065 6868.

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