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CRM for the SMB Marketplace


A CRM (customer relationship management) system is arguably as important as the people you hire and will have a more significant effect long term than any single employee. Recent studies show that companies with a fully utilized CRM system can increase sales by 29%. But, any system is only as valuable as the information that goes into it. So how do you get everyone in the company to use it to its full capacity? At City Dynamics, we have a five point plan to help you achieve this:

1. Remember simple is best The biggest mistake most companies make is they try to implement a CRM system that is too complicated for employees to use. CRM systems today come with a significant amount of functionality. For staff to engage with the system on a daily basis, the system needs to be work simply and effectively across all functional areas. Most importantly, the user interface should be straightforward. With City Dynamics’ CloudPath, we’ll support you as you transition your CRM to the cloud, tailoring Microsoft Dynamics 365 to fit your business.

2. Integate CRM with other internal company systems When we start work with a new client business, we take a holistic view of CRM. We find out whether it’s complementary to what is already being used. We ask whether data can be easily imported and exported from the CRM? If a CRM is an island, it will be less effective. For customers who are already using Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM will integrate seamlessly.

3. Offer staff support & training Make your CRM easy to use so users can get their jobs done. Show them how to access it from their smart phones or tablets. Identify people that are “super users” and can be advocates for the CRM system internally. Give rewards for employees that use the CRM most effectively.

4. Make it compulsory. Implement a rule across the business that if an activity isn’t logged in the CRM, it never happened. Every company needs to treat their CRM as the only repository for history. No one should get credit for anything if it is not written about here. Every executive in the company needs to use it too (or no one will!)

5. Test your CRM’s report-generating capability Make sure you can get real time reports from the data. A good CRM should enable you to quickly answer questions like: What did Sales Rep A do last week? What are the top sales opportunities? Are we going to hit our sales target this quarter?
How well does your company leverage their CRM system, and could you benefit from City Dynamics Cloudpath product to help migrate your CRM to the cloud?

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