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Introducing CloudPath


Your route to take Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP to the cloud

City Dynamics’ new product: CloudPath, ensures you can sidestep the risk, expense and time-consuming inconvenience of multiple upgrades. Instead of a series of on-premise upgrades to your old Dynamics CRM and ERP systems, CloudPath maps your root to the cloud. A bespoke Dynamics 365 solution, CloudPath includes a full in-depth analysis of your current software, business processes and application data. Our cloud migration experts will look at the way you use your existing platform to ensure that the new UI for your cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution is tailored to meet your needs, taking account of the new cloud-based capabilities and opportunities for efficiencies that will benefit your business.

Choosing City Dynamics’ CloudPath is a hugely more time-efficient choice than traditional on-premise system upgrades. These necessitate multiple expensive and time-consuming version upgrades. Each upgrade requires a new configuration of server hardware and software and the reconfiguring of customisations from existing to current on-premise software (an upgrade is only compatible with the previous version). Migrating from on-premise to the cloud does away with this inconvenience and cost.

Migrating your systems with Cloudpath will future-proof your business too, ensuring your vital data is secure and that the daily functioning of your business is protected from the risk associated with traditional upgrades. It also ensures that future upgrades are automatic and included in your subscription from the moment you make the leap to the cloud with Microsoft Dynamics 365. No expensive investments in new hardware, inconvenient downtime, and far less risk to data. With Cloudpath, you get an at-a-glance bottom line report too – we’ll show you exactly how much your new system will save you over time.

As Dynamics 365 runs on the same platform as office 365, one login gives you access to all your productivity tools (including email, Office 365, SharePoint and PowerBI). This reduces time wasted with multiple logins and blind spots of siloed on-premise data. Instead, one connected business platform from City Dynamics stores all your data in one place, integrating the separate functions of your business.

City Dynamics’ CloudPath methodology will help shape a Microsoft Dynamics 365 system customised to meet your unique needs. Our ongoing customer support and managed service options ensure we’re on hand whilst you find your way around the new system (and indeed as your needs evolve in the future).

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