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What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?


How does Dynamics 365 benefit customers?

Dynamics 365 brings together the best of Microsoft’s CRM and ERP cloud offerings into one cloud service with specific, purpose built apps for each of your key business processes, including finance, sales, customer service, marketing and project service.

Dynamics 365 provides customers with the familiarity of  the Microsoft UI, alongside cutting edge analytics, integration and workflow. The platform ensures consistency, interoperability and extensibility.

Dynamics 365 enables you to:

  • Cherrypick from apps that fit with a range of roles, industries and businesses – so you can start with what you need, growing at your own pace to run your business in the cloud.
  • Achieve greater productivity where you need it with customised productivity tools. Dynamics 365 will help you to integrate your business processes, facilitating greater collaboration and increasing productivity across your business.
  • Draw on built-in business intelligence with applications that fuse big data, advanced analytics and IoT. The information that flows from this offers invaluable outside-the-box benefits, with insights on how to work smarter that can be applied to improve both staff performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Anticipate growth through nimble, adaptable applications that allow you to compose, modify and extend processes in real-time as you need them. This empowers you to change and adapt your software without the inconvenience and expense of complex upgrades and external IT support. With Dynamics 365, organisations can reimagine their business model with a consistent, flexible, extensible platform.

Why is it called Dynamics 365?

Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s new generation of business apps in the cloud. These apps draw together productivity, advanced analytics, Power BI and IoT, with the strength of Azure, underpinned by a new application platform and common data service. As such, the new name reflects the holistic nature of the platform.

Is this just a repackaging exercise or are you offering a new product?

Dynamics 365 is a new proposition that combines new products, new product capabilities, new packaging and new pricing.

Does Dynamics 365 really work as seamlessly as you say?

All of Microsoft’s intelligent business apps will align to its new common data service, with an extensibility model that combines existing customisation tools with PowerApps and Flow. Dynamics 365 eliminates historical boundaries between CRM and ERP. Likewise, a gold partner such as City Dynamics will ensure your business becomes more efficient, with by improving integration and helping clients to integrate legacy and third party software and processes with Dynamics 365. PowerBI also plays a key role in how we help businesses be more outcome driven.

What role does the “Common Data Service ” play with Dynamics 365?

The common data service model is a cloud-resident business database, built on years of experience with Microsoft’s enterprise customers. It comes with hundreds of standard business entities spanning both business process (Dynamics 365) and productivity (Office 365, email and SharePoint). The standardisation and consistency of design ensures that when a Microsoft partner such as City Dynamics creates innovative applications to help you automate business processes, these can facilitate automated actions across your organisation.

What happens to the Dynamics AX, GP, NAV, SL and CRM brand/ products?

These products will continue to be enhanced and supported for current customers and will continue to be licensed to new customers.

What does Dynamics 365 offer for Small and Midsize Businesses?

Dynamics 365 Financials for Business is a comprehensive accounting and business management solution for SMBs. It’s the perfect platform for SMBs to join up business process software: linking finance and CRM with email and productivity tools. This will  improve efficiency and put an end to data silos, increasing your organisation’s productivity

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