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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent: Personalising Progression


All too often, a new starter’s professional development with a company ends before it has even begun. In fact, according to research from specialist IT recruitment agency Robert Half, 91% of workers said that they would consider leaving within the first few weeks if they experienced poor management or discrepancies between the advertised role and the reality.

Clearly, feelings of being rudderless and disconnected from an organisation are deal-breakers for new employees; “laissez-faire” onboarding and integration no longer cut the mustard.

Eliminating Anachronisms

Any manager who wants to plan out a professional development programme for their new starters will need to eliminate these workplace anachronisms and be proactive at every stage of the relationship – especially in the recruiting and onboarding phases. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent is a tool designed to support managers from recruiting right through to development and progression, tracking an employee’s company journey even before day one.

Immediately after the recruitment process, official documents are signed and tasks can be set using Talent; all accessible through a prospective employee’s personal email address. Crucially, this stage helps to acquaint new starters with the company culture and establishes workplace networks via the in-built LinkedIn feature, ensuring employees aren’t siloed in the infancy of their employment.

In a practical sense, this protects against high turnover rates for new hires, allowing you to not only invest in the right people but also to retain them.

Personalising Development

While the modern workforce requires increasing levels of personalised guidance at the beginning of their employment journey with a company, in the long run, micromanagement from employers can imply distrust. For high performers, in particular, micromanagement can be extremely harmful, as autonomy is integral to their success.

Talent’s Employee Self-Service interface allows workers to take control of their own destiny, displaying tasks, courses, certificates, reviews/appraisal interviews and performance goals while encouraging employers to offer “role-tailored experiences that clearly outline the skills and competencies required for advancement and promotion based on the employee’s current role”, as recommended by Microsoft. Individuals can thereby engage in focused, relevant development schemes, while employers track their progress.

Regular conversations and interactions between employers and employees through Talent and in person can then eliminate the need for archaic six-monthly or yearly reviews, taking the strain off HR departments and line managers, without sacrificing the quality of support for their performance and progression employees are given. Small and frequent changes are the name of the game.

Plugging Gaps

Skill gaps can also be anticipated by employers with Talent, who can see how their employees stack up against the criteria required for promotions. Rather than outsourcing, appropriate training can be assigned to team members to redress this.

Of course, proactive steps can still fall by the wayside, but not under cover of darkness. If, for example, an accountant is slipping off track to get their CIMA certification, it might have taken a failed exam to reveal this in years gone by. Now, a business using Talent would be able to flag this skills gap up and deal with the problem, either solving the blockage there and then or consulting with an employee to realign the goal’s deadline as required.

Ultimately, the desired skill gap could still be filled without causing unnecessary stress to either employer or employee.


We have seen how Talent can play an important role in helping employers to get out of the blocks quickly and secure future high performers with a hands-on management approach. As trust builds, more autonomy can be granted to employees to fuel their progression, while they remain under the guiding hand of management. This guarantees that personal development impacts the whole organisation positively, while also fulfilling the individual’s professional aspirations.

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