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Dynamics 365 Voice of the Customer: Sending Surveys


When you’ve created the perfect survey for your business, it’s time to get distributing. Fortunately, the Voice of the Customer (VoC) package holds multiple ways to distribute your survey through the click of a button. There are two methods to distribute surveys, Anonymous and Non-Anonymous.

An Anonymous survey is where you do not need the survey participant to be identified, and can be great for general information gathering. Want some feedback on a couple of brands or business strategies? The anonymous survey is perfect for you. When you have finished completing the survey, publish it, and an anonymous link will be generated.

Simply send this link to any customers or clients, and they will be taken to a page to complete the survey. This link can also be embedded in a website by using an iFrame, which makes it extremely easy for participants to access the survey.

A Non-Anonymous survey is used when sending surveys to a specific client, requiring their feedback. This can be useful for examples such as after you have closed a support case, or when concluding a project with a client. Using a clever email snippet, you can send a personalised link to any customer, or client. This email snippet will track the user who receives the survey, allowing you to gain context when analysing the feedback received.

Want to give your survey a personal touch? Research has shown that personalising surveys can lift response rates by 7% or more. This is also catered for in Voice of the Customer by using piped data, where you can address each participant personally. As well as this, you can also include any other information about the client that is held in Dynamics 365.

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