5 Exciting features coming with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing


With customer experience being set to overtake price and product as the main deciding factor for customers shopping online in 2020, according to research by CX consulting firm Walker. Marketing, as a practice is now, more than ever beginning to become an increasingly important part of the business pipeline. With this shift in mind, Microsoft has created a dedicated marketing platform within the Dynamics 365 suite. Here are just some of the powerful new features set to arrive with Dynamics 365 for Marketing when it’s released in Spring 2018.

The new demand generation analyser

The ace in the sleeve for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing is the intensely powerful demand generation analyser; a special purpose tool designed to analyse responses, inquiries and leads, tracking your changing audience of prospects. The automated process will be a powerful addition to any company’s sales or marketing function, automatic the organisation of your marketing database to highlight the best candidates for campaigns and marketing outreach.

Lead pipeline analyser

Lead pipelines are the lifeblood of any sales and marketing process within a business, it is through interaction with the contacts and companies within these pipelines that a business’ success is decided. Dynamics 365 for Marketing automates this process, cutting the legwork involved in sifting through pipelines for the best candidates for that follow-up sales call or marketing campaign. This greatly improves the overall streamlining of the process, allowing for an increase of focus and time spent on the valuable engagement with the people who matter.

Focused survey production

With the results of the Walker study suggesting that “customer experience is due to overtake both price and product as the main influencer for whether a customer makes a purchase by 2020”, the value of surveying your customer base to gauge their satisfaction with your service is vital. Already, 86% of customers say that their purchases are influenced by the experiences of other customers. This rising trend places immense value on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing’s built-in survey production capabilities, enabling companies to create bespoke user surveys to allow their clients to express any issues they have with their service. This allows for the proactive addressing of issues, before affecting the overall customer experience.

Marketing on the move

MSdyn365 for Marketing’s cloud-based nature means that valuable marketing and sales databases can be accessed anytime, anywhere, even on the move. This allows both sales and marketing teams to not be limited by their location or device when it comes to making crucial interactions with their leads and contacts. Information can also be accessed and updated via mobile, allowing for a truly mobile marketing and sales force.

Social media integration

Social media has fast become a major source of sales and marketing leads in today’s digitally driven markets, sites such as LinkedIn are an excellent source of engagement for campaigns and directed marketing. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing can automatically import lists generated within LinkedIn, allowing for the easy allocation of these leads to the relevant sales and marketing teams to be followed up.

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