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Mythbuster: “Next Gen ERPs will be better. I’ll wait.”


Next year’s iPhone, PlayStation, Amazon Echo, smartwatch, car, coffee machine or bread bot will always be infinitely better than the last – ironically, the one you just bought – or so we are told. Of course, this is not necessarily true, with new models often presenting new and more complex issues, but the linear narrative surrounding technology remains. What about when it comes to your ERP, then? Are you really better off waiting for the brand spanking new, more insightful, more user-friendly incarnation?

Well, the answer is no – the next generation is already here. In the age of cloud-based ERPs which upgrade continuously throughout their life cycle, you’ll be waiting a long time to find something better.

The Cloud Spring

Adopting a new ERP is an understandable pain point for many Key Decision Makers (KDMs). Whoever your implementation partner is and whatever solution you choose, it is still a significant undertaking. Putting it off, however, will not only prove costly in the long term but also makes very little sense.

Biannually, through Microsoft’s Inspire and Ignite conferences, the whole Dynamics 365 suite is refreshed to align with user demands, make improvements and address any major issues, while minor tweaks and new features are added continually. Flexible solutions like Business Central also have a lifespan of 10-15 years – and at every point in that period they will be using the most up-to-date version of their software thanks to the cloud.

The Cloud Spring has already happened – now it’s time to get on the bandwagon.

Why do I need a next-gen ERP now?

Across industries and sectors, cloud migration has either happened, is happening or is inevitable. The modern workforce has outgrown on-premise systems which are unsupportive of modern working habits. If your business is to provide an always-on service – a requirement of any growing company – mobile working is a necessity.

What’s more, KDMs have been provided with an open goal to remove Excel reliance by cloud-based solutions. Yet 60% of companies, according to a recent Microsoft e-book, are still waiting for the opportune moment to strike. This, all the while, key insights are being lost, locked in personal desktops and disparate systems. The numbers don’t lie – according to the same e-book, those who have adopted the cloud have experienced a 50% increase in intelligence activations and business analytics.

How do I choose the right ERP for me?

With so many ERPs on the market, it can be difficult to cut through the noise and drill down to the genuine players. Beyond that, it is pointless spending thousands on a brilliant solution if your implementation partner doesn’t know their stuff.

City Dynamics has a proven track record of aiding cloud-adoption, tailoring each implementation to the to our clients’ specific needs. Contact us by email or by phone on 020 7065 6868 to find out how you can get your next generation ERP now.

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