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Automate Project Delivery with Dynamics 365 PSA


Repeat purchases are the bread and butter of successful organisations. However, building long-lasting relationships is incredibly difficult – RJ Metrics, for example, estimate that 68% of customers will never return after their first purchase.

Delivering a well-organised, developed and supported service, then, is all the more important. Microsoft’s bespoke project management solution, Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation (PSA), ensures that customers have a consistent, modern experience which goes above and beyond their expectations. This helps your business to nurture those all-important strategic relationships, providing a solid foundation for growth.

Accurate price lists

Establishing a consolidated price list for your organisation’s services is essential in generating a steady revenue for the business. Inevitably, the prices on these lists are adaptable to the conditions of the market, meaning that they can quickly become outdated.  Dynamics 365 PSA now includes intelligent price list management, which recognises exactly this, automatically preventing the outdated list from being used in projects.

PSA can also be customised for organisations who operate with multiple price lists, with specific data to be used for specific projects. To ensure there aren’t any overlaps across price lists, PSA has included a new ‘date effectivity’ feature, which enables users to set time parameters for each price list.

Managing project expenses

Successfully managing project expenses is essential to a project’s delivery and reporting. Following the Fall 2018 Update, PSA users can leverage AI-led automation to customise unit expenses.

For example, mileage can be set up as a unit within PSA which can then be used as an established expense category. More effective and bespoke reporting within the solution is therefore achievable, which – when coupled with PSA’s AI-driven estimations and actuals functionality – makes for a very effective project expense management solution.

AI-Powered ‘transaction filters’

A towering pile of paperwork is a major bugbear for project managers. A particularly jarring – and unfortunately common – occurrence is when invoices associated with projects are created but are not properly reported, leaving them unpaid and risking delay to the project delivery.

PSA aims to combat this through its new AI-powered ‘transaction filter’ function, which empowers users to highlight and manage all the invoices associated with a project. With this increased clarity, project managers can monitor the status of invoices, viewing the corresponding projects, tasks and resources associated with it. This allows for simpler escalation and tracking of invoices to ensure more efficient overall project delivery.

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