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6 CRM Features revolutionising Businesses like yours


From blacksmiths in ancient Bethlehem to City accountancy firms advising the world’s largest corporations, every successful business since the dawn of time has relied on solid customer relationship management. Through word of mouth, cold calls, inscriptions on papyrus and myriad other means, quality products and services have maintained their existing client bases while securing new leads.

But in the here and now – our times of gargantuan technological advances, interconnectivity and existential crises – customer relationship management has been taken onto a higher plane. Cloud-enabled customer relationship management (CRM) solutions are revolutionising the ways in which modern businesses operate, helping them to focus on the right leads and retain their most important customers in better, smarter ways. So, here are six CRM features which will render your stockpiles of papyrus useless:

Lead management

Focusing on the right leads at the right time is crucial. Whereas previously, this was reliant on the intangible artistry of the salesman, Microsoft Dynamics 365’s Relationship Assistant leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to make sure no conversions slip through the cracks.

Email integration

Entering into any engagement with a customer without proper preparation can lead to disaster. Remember when your sales intern Leila was working from the wrong email thread and inadvertently gave out sensitive information to the wrong customer? No-one wants that to happen again. Fortunately, Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement ensures that all customer communications are stored in one place and that anyone with permission can access the records when they need them.

Sales analytics

Financial Directors are in a results-driven business. This reality makes analytics imperative to their success – after all, if you don’t know why you’re doing something or the impact that it is having or could have, what’s the point? With Power BI analytics and reporting in Dynamics 365, key decision makers (KDMs) can action sales insights which improve future practice and drive growth.

Smart document storage

Data silos are as common as they are harmful. And, in the absence of telekinesis, smart document storage makes a whole lot of sense. Instead of having insight locked away on individual desktops, integrated cloud-based solutions mean that you’ll never have to hire Liam Neeson to hunt down a misplaced document ever again.

Mobile CRM

The 9-5 working day is dead. In fact, according to a YouGov survey, only 6% of UK grafters currently work the schedule. Naturally, this makes the renovation of creaking legacy systems an even greater concern for KDMs. With Dynamics 365 for Mobile, modern businesses can provide a modern, “always on” service. This means workers having the power to leverage the same information as they do in the office via their phone or tablets on the go.

Custom Reporting

Reports and visibility go hand-in-hand. But sometimes, standard reporting functionalities can seem a bit lacklustre and non-specific. With Dynamics 365’s custom reporting functionality, the user is in control – this means they are able to set their own parameters and relay the exact information their team needs.

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