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GDPR: Why you should be proactive on compliance


At the time of writing this blog, we’re less than six months away from GDPR becoming fully enforceable. It’s been an interesting journey for us at City dynamics and we’ve undertaken a lot of introspective work to fully prepare ourselves for the changes which are coming on the 25th of May 2018. However, whilst we were fortunate enough to have the awareness of GDPR ahead of time, which gave us plenty of time to prepare, others have not been so lucky. If you are worried your company has left it too late (and there has been a slight head-in-the-sand attitude until now), here are some reasons to get your house in order now:

Beating the deadline will give you a competitive advantage

Come 2018, GDPR compliance will be mandatory. However, if you can say you’ve been compliant since say, January 2018, it sets your company apart from those who left it until April/May to get up to date. In many cases, proactiveness means professionalism and professionalism are what many customers are looking for when they’re deciding whether they want a company to hold their personal data. If your competitions are lagging and you appear better prepared, this works in your favour.

Training your team now will reduce the likelihood of mistakes

With over 160 different changes being introduced through GDPR, there’s a lot to learn for anyone responsible for handling personal data. By taking the time to introduce GDPR to your company and those responsible for handling user data, you can prevent the risk of there being a mistake which could cost your company precious time, money and client trust. Obviously, it’s unlikely that all the 160 different areas of GDPR will affect your company, but by researching which areas will, such as DSRs, the definition of personal data and data protection, you can bring your company up to date before having to deal with the consequences come May of 2018.

Where can I find out more?

For more on GDPR visit our Insight page and read our other blogs dedicated to getting ready for GDPR.

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