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GDPR 2018, an important year for regulation


Over the past few months, we have written many blogs detailing important aspects of GDPR. For many, GDPR was 2017’s biggest curveball; an issue that hadn’t been on their radar until then, until suddenly it was everywhere. This year, City Dynamics also began to focus internally on assessing our data-handling processes to ensure we are GDPR compliant ahead of time. For many of our clients, who were caught on the back foot, 2018 is crunch time and the race is on to deal with it before the May deadline comes into effect. If this sounds like you, here are some dates to bear in mind.

February 2018 – 3 months until GDPR becomes enforceable

February marks the beginning of the last three months before GDPR becomes legally enforceable for anyone handling user personal data in Europe. This marks the last realistic point for companies to begin addressing their personal data handling processes. However, the benefits of beginning this process cannot be understated (see the pros and cons in our ‘Why you should be proactive on compliance blog)

March 2018 – City Dynamics’ GDPR seminar

City Dynamics will be hosting a GDPR seminar alongside GDPR and data security expert Carl Gottlieb, where we will discuss how working with City Dynamics can assist you in terms of understanding your company’s level of GDPR compliance. We’ll cover how to best prepare and evaluate your company for GDPR’s new rulings, giving you practical advice on what to do now. Invitations will soon be available for this webinar.

April 2018 – 1 month until GDPR becomes enforceable

By this point, it is fair to say that most companies will be prepared for GDPR’s new requirements. This is the time for your company to really get to work testing your capacity for dealing with GDPR’s new challenges, as well as an opportunity to ask yourself some tough questions internally about your ability to deal with some of GDPR’s more demanding aspects.

25th May 2018 – GDPR enforcement day

This is when GDPR’s new regulations become fully legally enforceable. From this date, companies responsible for handling user personal data must abide by GDPR’s new regulations, answering Data Subject Requests and providing data information to their customers within 1 month.

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