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No, every ERP isn’t the same


Every ERP is more or less the same, right? In the same way that an Alton Towers poncho is the same as a 300 quid Barbour, or a Reliant Robin is the same as a top of the range beamer.

Like anything else, there are different grades of ERP available to you. The ones that will just about get you from A to B as the exhaust drags on the floor and the ones that run like a dream with features you didn’t even know existed which you now couldn’t live without.

But in this world, we’re usually forced to bite the bullet and pay higher costs to secure better products and services. Fortunately, the ERP market is a little different.

Choose your ERP carefully

Investing time into choosing the right ERP for your organisation is crucial. Just because someone has recommended their solution to you does not mean it will fit your specific needs.

For example, the biggest problem in your organisation may be data silos, fostered by an over-reliance on Excel and your legacy system’s lack of integrations. The replacement software you’re considering may offer a non-native Excel integration, but if this is in any way below par, your provider has no obligation to improve it.

This could mean that you have exactly the same problem after implementation as you did before, resulting in your staff abandoning their shiny new ERP before it’s even been fully unwrapped.

Low cost and high performance

There are several established names in the ERP space which SMBs automatically jump towards. This is often without considering the applications which comprise the core processes of their business. For example, over 80% of businesses use some form of the Microsoft Office suite. But as a new player in the market, the Dynamics 365 ERP offering doesn’t feature in a whole host of ERP comparison articles.

However, within Microsoft’s solution, data can be seamlessly imported and exported from the applications you’re used to working from on your desktop thanks to its native integrations. As a result, there is no need to instigate a culture change in your organisation or for your staff to get used to a completely different suite of software.

This means your transition to the cloud is as smooth as possible and productivity levels remain high throughout the implementation process. Needless to say, these functionalities are available through affordable, monthly payments.

Get a tailored solution

Even organisations who share the same solution will have it optimised to fulfil different business needs. That is if they have an implementation partner who know their onions. With a background in accountancy, City Dynamics are a trusted Microsoft Gold Partner – and we always make sure your ERP is tailored to your needs.

Read more about how we take a unique approach with every customer here.

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