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What we learned from Accountex 2017


Here at City Dynamics, we’re dedicated to ensuring that we keep abreast of the financial and accounting market, to ensure that we provide the very best service to our clients. This year’s Accountex gave us some valuable insights into what matters most now to accountants.

We’d like to share them:

SMBs: A growing market with newfound power

As an SMB ourselves, this was particularly exciting. A focus of the talks at the Accountex exhibition was the notion that SMBs are continuing to dominate the private business sector, with small businesses accounting for 99.3% of all private sector businesses at the start of 2016 according to small business data provider, Small Business Statistics (SBS). As well as this, there’s been massive growth in this sector, with 2 million more jobs in this area being created since 2000 and 97,000 more since 2015 alone. This has led to enterprise businesses such as Microsoft increasing their investment in the SMB market.

Artificial Intelligence and AI accounting will transform the accountancy of the future

There’s no denying that AI will cause significant change to the way that we work, especially in financial services. An Accountex poll found that up to 30% of accountants fear losing their jobs to robots. In his seminar at Accountex, Ed Molyneux, of accountancy consulting form FreeAgent discussed this widely held anxiety, offering a few tips on how to remain relevant and needed in a world where AI accounting is an increasingly reality dominating the financial sector. In short, his message was that humans will be required so long as they can provide a more holistic, emotionally connected service, something that robots just can’t replicate.

Dedicated support service is essential

At Accountex, we heard accountants sharing their frustrations about software providers who don’t have the expertise to deliver the support they need. We’re proud that customer support is what sets City Dynamics apart. Each of our CRM and GP consultants are FS insiders, trained to not only implement Microsoft Dynamics 365, but to also diagnose and address issues that our clients may face, for as long as they remain a user of the product.

Today, value counts more than ever

With the nature of the market today, customers have a vast range of options when it comes to choosing the service they’re looking for. It can feel overwhelming and this was certainly the word on the street at Accountex. In a competitive workplace, we understand that it’s paramount to ensure City Dynamics stands out from our competitors as THE best Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner in London. We’re already one of the few Gold certified partners in the UK, as well as one of the only companies to provide comprehensive support to both CRM and GP operators.

If you’re looking for a better way to manage your company’s data systems, City Dynamics might be the best option for you. You can make an enquiry and hear about what we can offer you by email at moreinfo@citydynamics.com or call 020 7065 6861

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