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City Dynamics’ Insight Day Highlights

City Dynamics’ Insight Day Highlights


Last week, surrounded by the amazing views from the 35th floor of the Shard, we held our first City Dynamics insight day, presenting our latest projects, products and developments to our existing clients and city accountants and inviting inspiring guest speakers to share their expertise with us.

Highlights included:

Insider information from Microsoft on the forthcoming release of Dynamics 365. The project, currently called Tenerife, promises to be an excellent business management tool which will work for everyone from SMBs to much bigger businesses.

A great response to Rob Douglas and Tony Wright of Adaptive Insights when they wowed City Dynamics’ clients by demonstrating a live PowerPoint monthly management pack that updated itself automatically.

Fantastic feedback following the session on GDPR led by Carl Gottlieb, a data security and GDPR expert, alongside City Dynamics’ in-house GDPR expert Patrick Thompson. Together, they sorted the rumours from the truth, giving clients a roadmap to GDPR compliance.

Practical advice from City Dynamics’ Haseet Sanghrajka, who shared key insights on how Dynamics 365 can help accountants future-proof their business through using technology to explore new avenues of service.

A lively discussion around how Dynamics 365 could help accountants’ clients go beyond bookkeeping to integrate sales and marketing into their capability, inspired by Gareth Arnold of Microsoft, who presented on the subject.

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