3 Key Updates from Directions EMEA 2018


At Directions EMEA, Microsoft’s annual partner event, the company made some intriguing announcements; most notably about the role AI integrations and cross-platform communications have to play in improving user functionality within Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Here are the three most important developments from the recent summit held in The Hague:

Optimising user experience

At the core of all of Microsoft’s Dynamics solutions is the delivery of a comprehensive and user-friendly user experience (UX). Microsoft’s premier cloud-based financial solution, Dynamics 365 Business Central, took the initiative for Microsoft’s vision of a new UX when it released with the new ‘Graphic Identity’ UI.

During Directions EMEA 2018, Microsoft showed their commitment to further enhancing Business Central’s UX, announcing new keyboard shortcuts which will improve the solution’s search functionality.

Search and Filter

F3Toggle search
Shift + F3Filter rows
Ctrl + Shift + F3Filter totals
Alt + F3Filter to current values
Shift + Alt + F3Filter to current column
Ctrl + EnterJump to row
Shift + Alt + Ctrl + F3Reset Filter
Copy and Paste Data
F8Copy cell above
Ctrl + CCopy rows
Ctrl + VPaste totals
Alt + QTell me

Most interestingly, The Alt + Q enabled ‘Tell me’ shortcut leverages Artificial Intelligence, empowering Business Central users to effectively search and quickly navigate throughout the entire Dynamics 365 Business Central solution.

Business Central silences doubters

Scepticism reigned when Business Central was announced as the successor to the on-premise solution, Dynamics NAV. This goes some way to explaining General Manager for Microsoft, Marko Perisic’s glowing keynote speech at Directions EMEA 2018, which highlighted the successes of Business Central since its inception in April.

Fortunately, Perisic is backed up by facts. He outlined the impressive release of 100 new features within 6 months, while also noting that as many as 600 Microsoft partners were actively selling and supporting Business Central with their clients; 33% of which were based in the UK.

Seemingly, the tides have turned within the Dynamics solution community, with Business Central earning its title as the rightful successor to NAV.

Cloud-first focus

At their recent Inspire and Ignite conferences, Microsoft have showcased their pursuit of a cloud-first focus across their entire product-suite – the Directions EMEA conference was no different.

During the Microsoft cloud keynote, the company reaffirmed that AI-solutions will form what Microsoft are referring to as ‘Social Specialisation’; Business Central’s AI-driven automation potential is just one example of this.

This ‘Social’ aspect of the cloud landscape being developed by Microsoft is typified by solutions providing their users with true CDS (Common Data Service) potential, whereby Dynamics 365 solutions can act as a central financial and CRM management hub for any Professional or Financial Services SMB.

If any of the announcements made during this year’s Directions EMEA summit have piqued your interest in exploring how Dynamics 365 for Business Central or any of the Dynamics 365 Business Application suite, be sure to get in touch by email at moreinfo@citydynamics.com or by phone at 020 7065 6864

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