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Case Study: ISG Technology


At City Dynamics, we specialise in the SMB CRM and GP market. Our clients range from small companies in need of very simple solutions to much larger companies which require bespoke, complex ones. One such client that fits the latter model is technology and construction provider, ISG.

The Problem

ISG first approached City Dynamics with the intention of finding an alternative to their outdated in-house produced CRM system. They were suffering an alarming amount of system downtime and wanted to solve the problem. By moving them to a Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, which offers 99.9% uptime, we were able to give them a far more reliable system.

In-Depth Analysis

After in-depth review of ISG’s system, our consultants put together a Functional Design Document (FDD) which outlined what needed replacing and how we aimed to replace it, then we submitted this to ISG for their approval, which they provided. This gave us the go ahead to begin constructing a bespoke Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution which met all the needs of ISG.

A Tailored Solution

We proposed a dedicated, on premise CRM solution, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365. Already, the reliability and the efficiency were improved by Microsoft Dynamics 365’s tried and tested 99.9% up-time commitment. As well as this, the new CRM system was capable of being accessed, anytime, anywhere remotely via authorised laptops or mobile devices allowing for remote access and monitoring of ISG’s crucial systems. The on-premise design of the new CRM allowed for greater security and flexibility in terms of the data storage options, a major concern of ISG.

The Benefits

When it comes to replacing ISG’s on premise system, with a cloud integrated Microsoft Dynamics 365 replacement the benefits were almost instantaneous, as ISG’s James Bowles describes: “The biggest change is that we’ve been able to drill into our numbers more than we ever could in the past. As a result, our forecasting is much more accurate. We can shape the system and what we do to the business now.”

If what we did for the ISG’s efficiency and reliability resonates with you, why not see if City Dynamics is the right choice for your CRM or GP solutions? Email us at moreinfo@citydynamics.com or call at 020 7065 6861

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