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Be an “always on” business with Dynamics 365 for Mobile


Phones are integral to the output of many workers, but their functionality tends to be limited – other than replying to emails, what else can you really do on them? Well, Deloitte has recommended that core processes should be made accessible via mobile devices and that by doing so, 10 million UK workers could boost their productivity.

For key decision makers (KDMs) to get the most out of their workforces, then, they not only need a cloud-based solution but also one their employees can access through their phones and tablets. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 on Mobile, your staff can provide an “always on” service, closing deals, chasing leads and managing their client base. This makes the inevitable commuting delays, the bus replacements and the overcrowding much more palatable for everyone.

Customised dashboards

Accessing the right information at the right time is easier said than done. If one of your staff needs to complete an important deal while they’re travelling, whipping out their laptop and connecting to WiFi isn’t exactly convenient. Especially when the WiFi won’t work and their stop is in five minutes. With Dynamics 365 on Mobile, your workforce can access their own personalised dashboards, seamlessly leveraging the data they need to complete a deal on their phones.

Relationship assistant action cards

Dynamics 365 is always analysing customer data. In those busy days where the odd thing slips the mind, Mobile’s AI-enabled Relationship Assistant is on hand to help. Relationship action cards alert users to leads that need chasing, deals that need closing and tasks that need actioning. This empowers your staff to stay on top of their workload and make sure that high-value deals do not get compromised.

Add value on the go

The intricate desktop filing system that only you know how to navigate has a certain charm. But things get nightmarish quickly as soon as things change and you don’t have immediate access to your work laptop. Mobile allows users to send invoices and produce sales quotes via the cloud, while its smart notetaking functionality allows your staff to keep important data in the system. That way, crucial information does not get lost, and harmful silos which damage customer relationships do not breed.

No connection, no problem

At this stage, you might be wondering: “This is all great, but what about when I can’t get online?” Fortunately, Mobile doesn’t just give up the ghost as soon as the internet fails you. Any work completed without a connection will automatically sync as soon as you reconnect to the internet, ensuring that the rest of the team can take advantage of any updates as soon as possible and keep customers happy.

Always on

Always on” is a buzzword on the lips of every KDM. But a truly “always on” service must go beyond simply responding to emails away from the office. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Mobile is a gamechanger for productivity and customer relationship management – helping your staff to add value wherever they are and whenever they can.

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