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Access Finance Reports from Anywhere with Dynamics 365 Business Central


Providing streamlined automation for the key processes of its users has been a key goal for Dynamics 365 Business Central since its inception. However, Microsoft are now aiming to take the solution’s AI-driven functionalities to the next level. The Fall Update provided a number of exciting developments, which will ultimately allow accountants to access finance reports from anywhere, on any device. Now, a genuinely “always-on” service is more than an ideal; it is realistically achievable with Business Central.

Comprehensive solution

Digital transformation is a key concern for Key Decision Makers (KDMs) working in the Financial and Professional Services sector. As working habits evolve, the supporting infrastructure must change; as much as 60% of the modern workforce, for example, favour their phones to complete work tasks. Catering for this simply isn’t possible without a comprehensive, cloud-based solution like Business Central.

By empowering mobile workforces with the solution’s financial management and reporting functionality, including the ability to access and control automated workflows wherever, whenever and however they want, Professional and Financial Services can stay ahead of the game, maximising revenue and improving productivity across the board.

Power BI integration

Power BI, which provides intelligent reporting, has been a potential integration for Business Central since its initial release. In the Fall Update, however, Microsoft have significantly ramped-up Power BI’s role within Business Central and users are now able to take advantage of its functionality without ever needing to exit the solution.

To ensure Business Central users feel the full force of Power BI, reports are now automatically deployed and selected upon signing into the solution. Through this up-front view, Business Central users will be able to gain real-time, intelligently produced reports on the data held within the solution. These reports can also be easily customised, removed or expanded directly within the solution.

Intelligent search filtering

The amount of data held within an organisation’s solution is ever-expanding, but properly leveraging that data is a challenge. Business Central’s AI functionality makes managing, organising and filtering huge stores of data much simpler and more efficient, eliminating harmful data silos.

The trials and tribulations of manual searching will soon seem like a distant memory, as user-submitted keywords and locations provide users with the exact information they’re searching for. With Business Central, Financial and Professional Services businesses can expect fewer wasted man hours and fewer smashed keyboards, too.

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