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5 Ways Your Business Can Achieve Total Transparency


Total transparency across an organisation might seem idealistic; especially if knowledge is locked in different systems, individual desktops and the minds of talented staff members. Sceptics might ask:

  • Surely data silos are always going to exist?
  • Surely there will always be some miscommunication between departments?

These assumptions can be damaging to your business, both internally and externally. The right solution allows SMBs to create thriving working environments, where counter-productive working practices are a thing of the past. Here are five ways Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows you to achieve total transparency:


If data silos are to be eliminated, integration is key. Business Central leverages the power of the whole Dynamics 365 suite, employing a Unified Search Function which allows users to quickly navigate disparate systems. This removes frustrating processes, improving overall productivity while helping to unlock insightful data which was previously inaccessible to the vast majority of your workforce.

Cloud functionality

Customers expect an always-on service; this makes a cloud-based solution a must for any growing business. Business Central’s cloud functionality ensures that every employee in an organisation has access to all the materials they need, whenever they need them. Further than benefitting the customer, this caters for employees who require flexible working hours, allowing them to perform professionally while fulfilling personal responsibilities.

Defined goals

According to a survey by Investors in People, 34% of workers said not being valued contributed to poor job satisfaction, while 33% said that poor career progression also negatively impacted their working experience. Dynamics 365 for Talent combats this, providing employers with tools that tailor their employees’ progression and match their individual journeys with corporate objectives. Beyond fulfilling specific tasks, employees’ skill sets can be refined to cater to future demand, creating motivating long-term narratives.


Delivering exceptional service is about more than a customer’s face-to-face interaction with a vendor. Across all channels, both physical and online, the experience must be consistent – otherwise, business will be lost. For Business Central users, the sales cycle is optimised, ensuring that potential clients receive the best possible service. This is achieved by providing users with a complete view of their tasks, individual workloads and relevant expertise within the workforce pertaining to the issue at hand.

Maximise performance

The Microsoft Power Platform Admin Center brings together Power Apps, Flow and Dynamics 365 administration, providing an all-in-one view of active environments. Using this, administrators can test new and functionalities without impacting live data. This ensures that your organisation is making the most of its solution and, ultimately, that you are getting what you pay for.

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